Monday, January 31, 2011

Walking on Thin Ice

“If you're walking on thin ice, you might was well dance”

While walking and riding around the area, ice can be found everywhere. Forty-four of the last 62 days have been below normal so nobody is surprised by that.  And since you have to deal with it you might as well enjoy it.  That is not hard when you stop to admire the beauty of ice.

The ice crystals that form on the brush and trees.  When the sun hits them the yard and trees look like there are diamonds everywhere. 

...the ice forming on the river....

...the shape of some icicles.  This one looks like a snow cone hanging....

When he drips down he is starting to form ice stalagmites...

I should have taken the picture from the side so you could see the height, instead he looks like he is laying down.

But moving on to a wells overflow making ice sculptures....

And the force of water in either it's liquid or frozen form is amazing.  Here it has frozen in the gutters and pushed the gutters away from the building.  There are icicles on both sides of the gutter.  I am sure it will lead to interior damage if it hasn't already. 

There is also the force of it to the land.  Each year we have a "falling rock zone" from the water freezing between the layers of rock, separating the stone and then when it thaws the stone rolls down into the roads.

Oddly enough my knitting is like that ice.  A "force" if you will makes me want to knit certain things at certain times.  I can not concentrate on another project until I do what needs to be done.  Recently it has been hats.  Plain boring knitting, ear flaps (two but #2 daughter claimed one), cupcake and a Mohawk.

I have another cupcake on the needles which I will finish today and then I think that faze will be over.  I feel the urge toward something more challenging like lace....and in wool.  While the recent knitting has consumed some of the stash of acrylic I want to feel wool running between my fingers.  I also want a pair of mittens so maybe I will combine the two.  That sounds like a trip to Ravelry.  And the search is on!


Sandie Knapp said...

Thank you for sharing, the scenic photos are lovely.

I LOVE your cupcake hat. That is the cutest thing ever. I bet my niece would get a kick out of something like that. Maybe next Winter I'll surprise her with something like that. LOL

Take care and keep warm. :)

cyndy said...

Gorgeous Icy Images!

And more on the way!

Your cupcake hat is so yummy!...and the Mohawk is a hoot!

Can't wait to see what you will work up in lace...I've been bitten hard.

Linda said...

What beautiful pictures! Great job. I love the cupcake and hats. I'm in the middle of making slipper boots for a friend - of acrylic. I feel like I should be doing this in a secret place! It feels sacriligous! lol. Yep, can't wait to get back to the real thing - wool! Have a great day, Judy.