Friday, January 07, 2011


I never have known a man of ordinary common-sense who did not urge upon his sons, from earliest childhood, doctrines of economy and the practice of accumulation. ~ William Graham Sumner

I have been very fortunate to have been given a lot of my crafting supplies.  My family has spoiled me but I have also received crochet hooks from a boy scout leader, knitting needles that belonged to a friends mother, and lots and lots of yarn from various sources. 

The accumulation of yarn was all over, boxes and bags with full or partial skeins falling out.  I would have to dig through each and every box/bag until I found what I was looking for.  I decided now that I don't have to store small bits and pieces all over that I would properly organize the stash. I ran to town and bought some 64 qt. clear totes and started organizing.  

Skeins by Lion Brand, Wintuk, Woolworth, Malina, Phentex Angorel,  Super Soft by lana Moro, Red heart, Caron Simply Soft and DazzleAire, Natura from Jamesway for 88 cents!, Herrschners, Prestige, Reynolds.  It was a virtual time machine of yarn.  Some colors/dyelots had multiple skeins so you wonder if they were making a sweater or an afghan. Who were they making it for?  Why, the birth of a child, a wedding gift, a child's sweater, a teachers gift?

I pondered on that as I sorted, reds/pinks in one tote, blue/purples in another, yellow/green, tans/browns/blacks, a variegated one and the largest tote of white in it's various forms.  And last but not least, is one tote of baby/sport/dk yarn in solid pastels colors and variegated mixed.

In amongst all the sandwich bags of small rolled up balls were some tools of the trade and some finished/unfinished projects....a dolls quilt,

a baby set that just needs to be sewn,

a stack of granny squares with coordinating yarn which I guess was to sew them together,

a baby bonnet that needs the ribbons,

 a lone bootie. (Oddly enough I think the match is in my mothers Bingo bag!)

and a lone afghan square.

I would like to finish the granny square and the baby items. The kids have a snow day today so #2 is rolling up all the little pieces into balls.  I foresee a scrap afghan of some sort in the future with all those balls.

Until then I started using up some of the larger partial skeins.  I made two hats,

and the Spring Butterfly toddlers sweater.  I changed the bottom to a hemmed bottom. 

Love this quick pattern and because the top part is two strands held together, it can use up lots of the partial skeins so I know I am making more.

And in the spirit of passing it on, my brother's MIL will soon be the recipient of some of this yarn.  And soon I will have an accumulation of finished projects...I hope.


cyndy said...

And here I thought this post was going to be about SNOW!

Looks like you and daughter#2 have been enjoying a stash dive! Woot!

Nice that you are getting it all organized!

Sandie Knapp said...

The larger part of my stash sounds like a copy of your own. It will take me forever to use it up, but I keep working at it, bit by bit. :)