Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snowflakes to Sunshine

Snowflakes are kisses from heaven. ~Author Unknown

The man and kids have left for the day so it’s very quiet. Snow is falling outside, one of those lazy snows where you can pick out a flake and watch it slowly float to the ground. It really is mesmerizing. I had to pull myself away because it has been a very trying week. I felt bi-polar, happy one moment and upset the next, a regular emotional rollercoaster. I am exhausted; I want to crawl back into bed and go to sleep for a couple of more hours. Watching those flakes was only intensifying those thoughts.

Instead I get up and make oatmeal.

Move over Quakers, steel cut is so much better, fills you up, warms you up and gets you going. Just what I need today. When I am done here I will clean up a little, do a whole lotta filing, laundry, getting something out for dinner. The seed order is complete except for the actual ordering which I have to do today also. Lots of little chores to keep me busy.

This weekend the man bought me flowers to remind me that the cold (I love the snow but hate the cold) only lasts for so long and soon it will be spring.

 Luckily each day more and more of the buds open so I am enjoying them immensely. And while the flowers didn’t motivate me to do the seed order, I did do the taxes.

I have been busy learning more about the knitting machine.

I am still working on stockinette and have finished two baby blankets with stash yarn.

I also have a toddlers sweater and a cupcake hat on the regular needles, all in stash yarn. And I have been spinning a little.  I have a stash of roving too to work through so I should give it equal time!  Which reminds me to contact the mill since I want to send a couple of fleece their way....another little task to keep me busy!  I will work this lethargy out of my system.

And now it is time to get moving. The kettle is whistling that my tea water is done and the washing machine just finished spinning. It is suppose to hit 30 today which after the below zero temps is going to feel like a tropical heat wave.  I will have to find my bathing suit!


cyndy said...

Your post has made me envious of your oatmeal, your flowers, your knitting machine...but most of all, envious that you have your TAXES completed! GAH! The grass is always greener ;-)

And a big WOOT for the 30 degree day that they have promised. I'll get my river shoes and meet you at Table Rock ;-)

Sandie Knapp said...

Wow, you sure are flying though those blankies on that knitting machine. Obviously you must be enjoying how quickly it gets them done, and so nicely too.

The flowers are gorgeous. I love picking up a few bouquets of fresh flowers this time of year. They really can cheer us up on these dull, grey Winter days.

Keep well. :)