Friday, January 21, 2011

Have you hit the point yet?

“There’s a point where you can give up on winter–when temptation can enter your soul, prying its way in like cold air through the cracks in your cabin–around January sixteenth or so, and this can make you realize that February’s coming, and beyond February, March." Rick Bass ~Winter: Notes from Montana

The kids are home again today.  They had snow days on Tuesday and Wednesday because of an ice storm that made walking difficult. 

Today we have several inches of snow covering the ice.  It is now 16 degrees and it is only going to go down from here as an "Arctic blast" is getting ready to blanket the area for the next few days....high temps of 12 and lows of -minus-. 

I was about sick and tired of mopping up snow from the kids coming in but the wood stove put me in my place.  He gave me a lecture of how every time he heats the place up the kids open the door and let his hard work go out.   He gets hungry and has to wait on people to feed him while they have the audacity to say he is not doing his job and fiddle with his knobs.  I think we both need a break from the below average temperatures that have been the norm for the past two months.  I can count on my hands the number of days with average or above average temperatures.  Depressing!

The man went out and bought me a new toy to play with to lift my spirits.  AC Moore was having a 50% off sale and he knew I had once said I would like to buy a knit machine so he got me a Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine.  It will make using up some of the totes of yarn easier.  So far I have made three six foot scarves on it, two which are double thickness.  It is very easy but I am only doing stockinette and haven't traversed into cables or lace yet.  I have found that some yarns are better suited for it than others. 

While this new toy is a great diversion it enforces the whole "winter" need to get warm theme.  I need a break from it.  I know it will be weeks or more honestly months before it is warm again but I need a "warm" diversion.  Enter stage left the seed catalogs!  Today while the temps plummet and the kids make the inside thermostat go up and down  like a pogo stick, while the wind blows the snow back on the roads and paths that I have shoveled I will be oblivious as I indulge in delusions of the first spears of asparagus, a salad that moments before was still in the garden, tomato sandwiches with tomatoes still warm from the sun and blackberries rinsed and covered with a little homemade whipped cream. 

Yeah, I know I will eventually have to wake up and come back to the reality of carrying firewood and the constant dusting that goes along with the stove, frozen water buckets and eggs if you don't find them in time but then ...."you realize that February’s coming, and beyond February, March."   I am not ready for all the backbreaking work the Spring/Summer months entail I just wanted to borrow some of the warmth.  Once my soul has been warmed I can deal with my frozen fingertips. And when the seed orders are placed I can wrap my frozen fingertips around my Nook and read the latest downloaded gardening book while curled up next to the overworked/underappreciated stove.


Sandie Knapp said...

Remember, it was not long ago, at all, that we were all hyped about Xmas. That is now nearly a full month BEHIND us, and February is right around the bend. The time is going by quickly. It's just that the cold makes it seem like it's dragging it's heels.

It would be nice to have a few nice warm days though. :)

Deb said...

Been cooped up & can't play outside. Alex has a cast. She's pretty bummed out. No more snowshoeing, gym etc... On the bright side, the woodstove heats the whole place well but the best way to heat up to coziness is to bake. Also love homemade cream soups to take the chill away. I'm not yet at the cabin fever stage but a few more weeks of this and I might since I have to stay in with Alex & can;t enjoy the outdoors.

finnsheep said...

It's not THAT cold yet! I remember - - guess it was back in the 80's when we had 25 below zero here several times at least one winter.

We had zero this morning. I think I'm going to move my amaryllis so their leaves aren't touching the windows. Sometimes even the Anderson windows get ice on the inside if it gets cold enough.