Monday, April 19, 2010


‘If it’s surprising, it’s useful .’ Tom Hirshfield

#1 daughter and Sir T came to visit this weekend.  It was opening day of trout season and the men were up early.  Of course you can't cast your line in until 8 AM but it will be the one day all year that they all wake up before the alarm clock...well hunting season does the same thing.  The river was high because of the rain but they caught a couple to put in the freezer.

#1 daughter is spending the week and we are going to get some work done in the yard/garden.  Or that is what we are suppose to do, who knows what will happen.

Since they are going to Sir T's mom's house for Mother's Day, I got my gifts early.  I have a dryer but I don't use it.  I either line dry or use a small rack I bought at Walmart.  They bought me a monterous rack from the Amish market by them.  It is six feet tall and four feet wide and the dowels have to be 3/4 of an inch thick.  It will hold some serious laundry. I love it. 
But that was not all when I am done doing laundry, I can go soak in a tub with lavender epson salts and use my new scrubbie which #1 made me!  She did an amazing job but she won't give me the pattern!   
#1 underestimates what she can accomplish.  It must be osmosis, fiber has rubbed off on her and now she just has to fine tune and she would be great at it.  She has great tension and picks things up quickly.  She will probably dabble with it until sometime later in life like I did.

Everything is turning green.  It is getting harder to spot the animals in the woods. 
The apple blossoms are just starting to open.  Hopefully they stay closed until we are done with the frost so we don't lose any. 
And most of the tomatoes did make a full recovery.  I had to add more soil to prop them up and repot others.  Some did bite the dust but not as many as I thought I lost. 

On the farm front, both turkeys are setting on eggs.  I don't know how many and I am sure there are some chicken eggs under them also so it will be another Mother's Day surprise.  We are getting ready to get the meat birds and piglets.  Lambs are due next month and hopefully I hold it together better than last time!

I have been spinning some of the multi-colored roving.  I also started another baby blanket and another pair of socks.  But right now #1 is saying we need to motivate and when I have an extra set of hands I am going to take full advantage of them.

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Linda said...

OMG, I have to laugh; "1 won't give you the pattern; sounds like my mom! Glad to hear all on the farm is moving along nicely. Always gives us motivation when it all comes together. Happy Spring! Judy.