Saturday, September 05, 2009

Slowing it down a bit.

The faster I go, the behinder I get. ~Lewis Carroll
The canning has continued but at a slower pace....the garden has taken note that I mean business and has bowed to my will. LOL!! In truth I am exhausted and can no longer see things through the weeds!

This is the last week before school starts so we are slowing things down to enjoy these last days. We are getting our hair done, going for rides on sun dappled roads, taking time out while picking elderberries to watch the fish in the stream, laying under a tree and watching the clouds drift past, getting the car ready for winter (that one was pricey). The guys are doing more fishing to get ready to go salmon fishing in Pulaski the weekend of the 18th.
We took #2 daughter to tour the high school where she swears she will get lost... she probably will, as will alot of other kids. And #1 and her bf came home to spend the weekend. They both had birthdays recently, so we are going to celebrate them.

And is it the smell of the earth, the crunch of the leaves, the waning day light hours, the cooling temps, the lengthening of the shadows? I think we have long lost most of our primal instincts but for some reason I have been doing more fiber....It could be that things don't stick to you as you are trying to work with them...whatever it is I have finished a small throw that I had started for a friend of mine, knit a swiffer cover and started a second. I am enjoying this resurgence and have some things planned for the holidays...we will see if my body can keep up with my want to do list!


Sandie Knapp said...

It all sounds just about perfect. I'm glad you are enjoying yourself. :)

Tam said...

Ah Autumn! Love your pictures.
Good luck to your daughter on starting her HS years.
I'm listening to my spinning wheel beckoning too.

cyndy said...

Slowing down..sounds like a good idea!

Do you ever remember a year when the weeds have gotten this tall?

Hope adjusting to the school year will be easy peasy for everyone...

and your pictures are beautiful. I look at them and find it hard to think that in a few short months, those leaves will be gone and that stream will be covered in ice and snow!

how is the wood pile lookin?