Monday, May 04, 2009

Morning walks

"Every spring is the only spring - a perpetual astonishment."- Ellis Peters

My sister has decided I should join her on a walk each morning. I resisted for a while but eventually caved in. The first day I drank a cup of coffee before the walk...I don't recommend it. Subsequent walks are sans coffee until we return.

Although I hate to admit my sister is right (some old rivalries still run deep!) the walk, along with being beneficial to my physical health is also very pleasing to the eye.

We start our walk passing the flowers and currants. Soon we end up along the river where the sounds of the water and birds is pleasing to the ear. The dogwoods are just starting to open. The apples and pears are blooming. I guess somebody decided the sites were good enough for the skull too as they propped it up there to have a look. The woods are slowly turning the complete spectrum of green making it harder to see the natives. One native that we don't want to see on our walks is the bear. These pics were taken by a friend who works for NPS. The bear was dumpster diving at the park. Eventually we wind up back home where the animals are all begging to be fed. We added to the menagerie this weekend by picking up four pigs,four white broad breasted turkeys and two spanish black turkeys. Hopefully they are male and female and will lay eggs next year so I don't have to continue to buy turkey chicks.
So far 103 tomatoes have been transplanted into larger pots. The manure finally made it to the larger garden and today we will plant the peas, beets and carrots.
Of course these early morning walks cut into the knitting/spinning time but I have finished one pair of socks and I am on the second sock of another pair. I have to sneak in a couple of stitches here and there as regardless of how hard we try, the to do list continues to grow. At 9:30 last night, we all looked like this-dog tired! But it is so worth it.


cyndy said...

Great photos...your morning walks look to be full of color!

Hey! Maybe you should wake that hound dog up and take him with you on your walks (just in case the teddy bears are having their picnic!)

Thanks for the pics--and the reminder! I'm gonna get my bells out..and carry my pocket air horn!

IslandBrze said...

LOL........I like the idea of bells and pocket air horn better than taking that hound. We would never see a thing on the walk as we would both be running at full speed to keep up with this lazy hound with the LONG.....Strong legs.

Tam said...

Great pics!

The Gingerbread House said...

My first visit to your blog..I enjoyed the sites seen by your walk and I enjoyed it as if I were there, I'll be visiting again ...glad you didn't see any bears...Ginny