Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Last Frost Date?

FROST...A deposit of minute ice crystals formed when water vapor condenses at a temperature below freezing.

We have been having frost warnings for days now. I run around closing the greenhouse and covering plants that I have outside hardening off - and nothing happens. So yesterday I ignored the warning, thinking it was the little boy who called wolf. Then during the night as I was sleeping with the windows open, I had to reach for another blanket. Of course it did not dawn on me that there might be frost. I looked out the livingroom windows this morning and no frost. I leave to go for my morning walk and as I am walking in front of the garden what do I see?... Frost! It seems to have only hit the dips in the yard and only where the grass was freshly mowed. The car windows, greenhouse etc had nothing. Boy was I lucky!

And the man was lucky. He got the rototiller working this weekend and didn't have to take it in to the shop. Last night the ground was dry enough to till so he did the greenhouse garden. I did find time to sneak into the greenhouse and transplant 32 more tomatoes, 25 cabbage and some squash. Hopefully today I will start to get things into the ground, like the broccoli and cabbage which won't mind the frost so much if we do get more.

On Monday, #1 daughter and I moved the baby chicks outside to a coop with a small run. They quickly started exploring their new world with gusto. Some even flew up on the little roosts we put in there for them. Last night I bet they were off the roosts and cuddled up under the light.

In knitting news I finished the baby raglan. I started this shrug for #1 daughter to wear to her bf's college graduation. She found a beautiful strapless dress and just wanted a little something to wear. Very easy pattern to remember but I may rip it out and go one less repeat and use a bigger needle.
But right now I am off to plant.


Tam said...

Beautiful baby raglan! OK so you really don't sleep...right?

Sandie Knapp said...

We didn't get the predicted frost either, but I brought everything in just in case.