Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Those darn annoying proverbs

You need to take the good with the bad ~Proverb

Proverbs tend to be annoying...mostly because they are true and full of common sense and... and and... do they have to be right all the time?
Yesterday I was so happy about the snow ~ a beautiful dusting making everything look so clean and bright. I had to drive to town making sure I paid attention to the road and not the sun glistening on the snow making it look like a world of diamonds. Luckily I was in the shadow of the mountain on this section and was watching when these gals decided to go for a morning stroll. I must say I would rather stop for a turkey crossing then a traffic jam any day. Anyhow, the snow was melted by the sun and was gone before I got back from town with more bird seed. My fingers got cold filling the feeders as I don't think it got above freezing. Reminder to self: Knit more mittens!
This morning came the bad with yesterdays good. Along with snow comes cold weather. Who woulda thunk it? But it is true. So I woke to this...Sorry for the bad picture, I could say I was shivering but I was warm as toast inside! I just took a really bad picture. Anyhow...Yes, you are reading that right 11.7F! These are January temperatures in mid-November. That little bit of snow is hardly worthy of temperatures that low!
Another annoying proverb today is...The old grow old, the young grow up. Today is #2 daughter's birthday. After a ten year hiatus from child birth I had this tiny little baby. What feels just like yesterday is fourteen years. She has grown up and I have grown old. #1 daughter even found some gray hairs on me and has told me she is buying me dye for Christmas! Gray or not, I can't wait to see the rest of the journey #2 and all my children take as I grow old.
Happy Birthday #2
And now I must follow another proverb... Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today....and get about my business.


SIS said...

Hi Sis, My doors are open and a warm breeze is entering. Your are invited to visit anytime you need a thaw. Wish my niece a Feliz Cumpleanos and say Estas Poniendo Vieja ....oh wait that second one is you not her, HA Well Love Hugs and Warmness to all.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you won't mind growing old at all. It comes naturally to most of us. As to that one grey hair, tell everyone you have your hair streaked! haha :) Hope you are keeping toasty and warm.