Thursday, November 06, 2008

The C bomb

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there ~by Clement Clarke Moore

Yeah I know it is early to talk about Christmas (only 48 sleeps, 17 hours, 26 minutes & 56 seconds away) What happened to November? I was in Walmart and they were playing Christmas music already. BUT sometimes you have to go where you don't want to go so I am thinking Christmas...and because this was suppose to be a fiber related blog and every once in a while it is nice to go back to it's roots....and because current fiber is Christmas related.

#1 Daughter had called a couple of weeks ago and asked how long it would take to make a stocking. I said about three days depending on the pattern. She asked how long it would take her to make a stocking. I said well first you would have to learn how to knit...damn those technicalities!

So I was sitting here with a cold and really didn’t know what to start working on. It had to be simple as my brain was being pushed aside by vile things so could not store more than a four stitch repeat, so I decided to make some stockings. Even if #1 doesn’t want them they won’t go to waste.

I had pulled a sock pamphlet out to show someone and saw a pattern I liked. I started playing around with adding beads but trying to pull worsted weight thru a bead was too tedious so I ripped it out. I restarted, finished it and decided I still wanted beads on it. I am waiting on what I want till I show it all but I will just give you a peak.
Then I started another one in red and green. I ended up ripping that one out also as another idea hit me. Again you only get a peak until I get a tiny bit of yarn and some beads to finish.
Then yesterday I started a third one. I wanted a candy cane but now I am trying to decide how to do the heel. I really wanted to keep the pattern going but realize that will be impossible unless I do a tube sock so I am thinking of learning how to do a pheasant heel. The cuff, heel and toe will just have to be white
I should finish this one today as I have guilt free knitting time. I have to drive to the “city” to take Mom for a PET scan. After which we are going to lunch at #1 daughter’s and then a stop at Border’s, AC Moore and Michaels. Other than the driving which I hate, it should be a good day. Of course I am not the one getting radioactive juice shot into me.
I don't know if I will make any more stockings as my cold seems to have run it's course. The residual effects I am still feeling are nothing compared to the full blown and I am ready to delve into something that takes a little bit more concentration.

I was also able to wash three fleece. And in none fiber I have cleared the fence of all the hops vines, cleaned the back yard of some leaves and cracked all the butternuts. Now I just need to pick the meat out of them.

And even though I don't usually take on animals in the fall....Farmer Dave called to say he had some broilers and piglets left. I made a quick phone call to see if I could still get the chickens done and found I can bring them in the last day they are open for the year. So I got the last 14 broilers to take in the Saturday after Thanksgiving. They are six weeks old now so they should be fine. I thought about doing two piglets but realized I enjoy just having the sheep and layer hens/ducks in the winter. And speaking of laying, my ducks have stopped for the year....just in time for baking season!


cyndy said...

Your sneak peeks at knitting are looking very interesting!

Not fair that your ducks are taking some time off...some nerve!

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