Saturday, November 01, 2008

Extra time

"O, call back yesterday, bid time return"~William Shakespeare King Richard II

Well we can't get yesterday back but we will get an extra hour tonight when we turn the clocks back. What will you do with that extra hour we are always hoping for? Sadly I will probably be sleeping as I have been fighting a head cold and it now seems to be moving into my chest. After all that whining about needing extra time I then squander it! Tomorrow I will be wide awake at 4:45 so I guess I will use my extra hour then to get some extra work/knitting done.

Being sick has not kept me all the way down. In between Nyquil induced naps I managed to finish these socks. This is the Jacob roving I bought at Endless Mt and finished spinning/plying back on September 13th. #2 son decided these would fit him better than me. I knew I had another pair to finish which he wouldn't want because of the colors so I let him have this pair. The second pair is from Happy Feet sock yarn also bought at Endless Mt. I finished these last night.
And we will need these with each morning dawning in the 20's...but at least it is not snow again. I love the patterns of the frost and how it just forms right on the edge of the stalk or leaf and the sun glinting off the lawn looks like a field of diamonds. I have been picking up pine cones to make the bird feeders with #2 daughter for the winter solstice. There is such an abundance of them this year.I think I am going to make some firestarters for a friend for Christmas. And I had better stop wasting time and get moving before Christmas is here! I have painting to do today. After that I have to figure out the next project. Kids are on a sugar high so I need to get them working!!!
Don't forget to turn that clock back and get your extra hour of time!

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cyndy said...

OH no, I'm sorry to hear that you are under the weather ;-(

I hope you are feeling better soon.