Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Winters Bite

“Winter either bites with its teeth or lashes with its tail” ~ Unknown

This year Old Man Winter has a full set of teeth

 and he is not afraid to use them.  Like a vampire he sunk his teeth in and is sucking the life out of people. 

He has been taking bite after bite of our area.  His cold fingers slipped down toward us in December and he just tightened his grip this month.  Most people are wondering if he will ever let go.  I see it all around and hear it on the news. The above average snow fall and below average temperatures are making people have less jingles in their pockets, more aches in their bodies and just mentally exhausted.  Mrs Cardinale might not mind it 

but Mrs Robin is getting royally ticked off!

I am trying to keep myself motivated.  I did our taxes.  I was able to finish the pair of socks after finding the yarn 

and even I knit a third pair. 

 If Old Man Winter intends to stick around my feet with be mighty comfy.

The baby blanket has 8 more rows and it will be done, just in time as the shower is Saturday.  Then I have two dish clothes on the needles.  A friend is making her daughter leg warmers and when I mentioned it to #1 daughter she decided that would be a good idea…aka get to knittin’ mom!  And then I got to think that she might be right, I could use a pair of leg warmers to wear while plowing through all the snow so that’s next on the list of things to do.

This weekend when we are due to actually hit average to above average temps I might just do something crazy and put in my chick order and get to putting some seeds in dirt. Oh yeah living on the wild side!  Three foot of snow coverage has to melt eventually.

Of course Old Man Winters tail just might wrap around to give us a whack also.  Getting back into the garden is like being a kid and waiting for Christmas morning...patience grasshopper. 



Linda said...

Very pretty socks, Judy. They sure will brighten your mood and day. I'm with you on the weather; 40 yesterday and today with a winter storm watch for Friday and back into daytime highs in the teens for the next...oh I don't know....weeks and weeks??? Aarrrgggghhh! Mother Nature's roller coaster. Have a great week/weekend anyway.

Sandra Knapp said...

Somehow I missed this till now. Sorry for that Judy.

I feel so sorry for Mr. Robin. I think he arrived much too soon, unless he knows something we do not. I hope there are enough seeds and other things beside bugs, that he can eat until the weather improves. Have not seen any Robins here yet, but I usually don't until around the end of March.

Keep warm. :)