Thursday, February 13, 2014

Poor Robin Redbreast

                                     Poor robin redbreast
                                      Look where he comes
                                 Let him in to feel your fire
                               And toss him of your crumbs
                                   ~Christina G. Rossetti

We haven't seen above freezing temperatures in a while.  Mr Robin arrived far too early not that the south is much warmer this year.  I don't mind the snow but the layer of ice makes it hard for the deer to walk through and dig through for food.  Now todays storm will just exasperate the problem.  I think I am the only one that doesn't mind the news of additional snow as everyone is getting cabin fever.   

Yesterday the sun shining on the snow was blinding but it felt so good when sitting  by the window soaking up those rays while knitting.  And boy have my needles been clicking away.  I continue with the dishcloths.  

So far I have had the yarn called for on hand...hope that continues to be the case as I need to get rid of some.  

Years ago I joined a Yahoo group called Holiday Mystery Gift.  It has changed over the years from only having patterns posted toward the winter holidays to having  a monthly list of free patterns.  This month they had a CAL for a spiral granny square which I joined.  It was to be a magic ball where you tie all your scraps together but I  just got rid of partial skeins by making this for a friends birthday.  She had been blatantly hinting for something to toss over the back of her sofa so it
uses her colors and came out about 46 x 68. 

 I only got a quick picture of it folded in half, after quickly finishing it as she was on her way over. I have lots more yarn to get rid of and that only took 5 days.  

I also joined this months sock KAL.  I need more socks so joined to force
my hand.  I had two skeins for this pair but must have packed it one away while getting other yarn out for the Afghan.  

So I grabbed another skein and started a second pair.   

Also on the needles a shell stitch baby afghan for a friend  of #2 daughters.

So  the weather isn’t discouraging my fiber pursuits but I do worry more about the animals.  Today my mind was kept busy trying to figure out how to get to the point that we are producing our own hay for our animals.  

 Everything used  by the chickens this year is ours that we cut and then raked by hand.  The fields are slowly coming back.  Hopefully this year we can put some away for the sheep.

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Linda said...

Beautiful socks, Judy. Isn't it great that we have something relaxing and productive to do during these very cold, bleak days. I can't imagine what people who have no interests or hobbies do to stay sane! Here's wishing you warmer tomorrows and all the knitting time you desire!