Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Sense

But the newest research is showing that many properties of the brain are genetically organized, and don't depend on information coming in from the senses. ~ Steven Pinker

“don’t depend on information coming in from the senses” is the key phrase…can you imagine yourself without your sense of touch, smell, taste, sight and sound or not having a reaction to them?

Imagine Spring coming and missing...

The touch of the sun on the back of your neck while gardening or the cool breeze when the sun goes down giving you goosebumps.  

The rich loamy smell of the earth as it awakens

The jaw clenching tartness of fresh rhubarb or the simple sweetness of the first strawberry 

The chartreuse leaves of the daylily pushing up from the ground, the bright yellow of the daffodils and forsythia, shades of purple from crocus and vinca minor, the intense blue of the sky against the white fluffy clouds 

The clap of thunder or gentle fall of a Spring shower, the uproarious sounds of the song birds as they find mates and care for their young, the sound of the first peeper and some of his friends.

I do believe life would not be worth living.


Sandie Knapp said...

My Forsythia had 1 fully opened flower this morning, but right now, all of the bushes are nearly in full bloom. It's amazing how fast they come on.

I have really been enjoying the frogs and peepers too. I can't help but begin thinking about when to plant tomatoes. I'm already wanting to start my radishes. LOL

I see you are enjoying every minute of this early good weather we're having too. It would be foolish not to. :)

Linda said...

What beautiful pictures! If you had no words to decribe Spring, these would say it all. Have a great weekend, Judy.

cyndy said...

Lovely thoughts, lovely photos!