Monday, March 26, 2012

It's a hell of a notion

‘cause nothing ever goes as planned, it's a hell of a notion. ~ Styx lyrics

Saturday, I had plans at 7 AM to drop my son off at school where he was going to go with his track & field team to an all day competition.  I had just found out about this so I did not plan to attend.  I already had the whole day and night planned.

However, Saturday morning I found myself sitting in front of this sign…

I know my knitting need some resuscitation but this was uncalled for!  

No, seriously on Friday evening I attended a play that my friends daughter was in.  I got home at 11 to be told I did not need to take son to the school as he would not be attending the competition.  I was told he got hurt while weight lifting at 3:30 in the afternoon.  I was home until 5 but I never got a call from the school.  He told them not to call and for whatever reason they chose to listen to him.  He smashed his finger in between a 45 pound weight and a 60 pound weight.  The trainer cleaned the wounds.  Sons finger was in a splint and he said he was fine and was going to bed.

The next morning I am being told by daughter that she heard it was a compound fracture.  I woke son up, looked at it and took him to the ER to have it checked.  He admitted on the way there that the trainer had popped his finger back in place and said he should go have it checked.  If I would have been informed when it happened I would have been able to take him to his dr. and if son would have told me everything he would have gone that night even.

We get in the ER and after the doctor stopped “mashing” (son’s words) his finger they take him for x-rays.  They can not stitch it because it has been too long.  The nurse enters with a needle.  Son doesn't like needles and after chasing him around the bed he finally agrees to get it in his hip if I hold his hand.  Ignore the fact that he is 16, has a five o'clock shadow and stands over 6 foot!  He's a baby!

The nurse said she hadn’t had to work that hard to give someone a shot in a long time.  When she left I said he deserved something out of this drawer....

He didn't think it was funny!  

So he paced in the little cubicle and I actually knit.  I had started Jewel  the day before and I was able to get several rows done in between going to get him something to eat and drink.  

Doesn't hospital lighting and colors make it look so purdy? NOT.

After a total of four hours he was diagnosed with a dislocated finger, lacerations and severe contusions due to a crushing injury.  We were handed 16 pages of instructions (forget about saving a tree here) and a prescription.  He has to follow up Thursday with his primary to check for tendon damage as he couldn’t bend his finger.  Since Saturday some of the swelling has gone down and he is now able to bend it a little.

We stopped to get his prescription and these fell in my cart…

an Easter lily and an Easter cactus.  When I got home and the man came out to help carry things in he saw the flowers and asked if he bought me flowers again….some had fallen in the cart on St. Patricks Day too!   I said “Yes,Thank You. I love it when you spoil me like that!”  He just shakes his head.

After a couple of hours we all pile in the car and my day actually got back on track.  We stopped to buy movie tickets to be assured a seat then went to the Chinese Buffet.  A little while later the kids went to sit with their friends, while the man and I were happily ensconced in the back row to watch….

#1 daughter got me reading the books, then I got #2 daughter reading them and she got her friends reading them so we were all happy.  The books were better because they explained the relationships but the movie was pretty good.  The man didn’t fall asleep which is a high rating!

On Sunday the man and I actually went somewhere alone!  No kids!!!  It was only Sam’s Club & Maine Source Foods to stock up but it was nice and quiet and nit picking free.  Ahhhhhh.  Enjoyable! And then we came home to them saying who did what and who didn't do their chores while we were gone ...back to reality...back to the nit picking.  And after having  had a little alone time even that was enjoyable!


Linda said...

Ahhh yes. Makes me want to break out in chorus of "Memories...." ! Glad everything went well at the ER; hope further diagnosis is positive. Wishing you a quiet, peaceful week!

cyndy said...


You have to warn me upfront when you are going to put the hospital sign on your blog! GAH!

Glad it is all under control now..prayers and good thought going out to that son of yours..and hope they gave him something for the pain!