Thursday, September 08, 2011

Rain, School, More Rain

“If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers.” ~ Edgar W. Howe

Yes I will admit it, my kids can drive me crazy but I also have a knack of collecting other people’s kids.  There are days mine are at work and I still have four kids belonging to friends and relatives running around the house.  But yesterday all the kids went to school.  Daughter #2 started her junior year and son #2 started his sophomore year.  Thirty years ago I was starting my senior year and ten years ago #1 was starting her senior year.  How time flies.

The first school day started without electric once again.  Ever since Irene paid us a visit electrical bleeps and outages seem to be the norm.  It doesn’t help that the rains continue.  West of here they are evacuating 100,000 people so even though we have flooding it isn’t to the extent of what they are dealing 
with.  Some before and during pics of same house...

Baby O came for a visit this past weekend.  At four months he is 16 pounds 10 ounces and 26 ½ inches long.  He is a big boy.  His mom and him have matching hats for pumpkin picking this year.   

His dad said he would prefer Baby O have the chicken (turkey) hat versus a pilgrim hat for Thanksgiving so I need to get started on that and his Christmas stocking.  I am finishing the second of a pair of fingerless mitts right now.

Other than that the weather has been giving me headaches both literally and figuratively.  Annoying as they are I love the Spring and Fall as it isn’t the extreme heat or cold…as Goldilocks would say “it’s just right”.  The leaves are slowly starting to change and yesterdays high was mid 60’s. The hickory, butternuts and black walnuts are just starting to fall.  It is hard to find them with the high grass so as soon as it dries getting it cut will be a priority.

The rain has taken a toll on the garden, tomatoes are bursting on the vines.  Without electric I was unable to can  them so we lost a lot of produce.  I have about 25 pounds to process today and there might be more out there for tomorrow.  Then the weekend will be free for a sheep and wool festival.  Can’t say I need anything but you never know what you might find!

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Linda said...

Love the pumpkin hats! So sorry to hear that you are still feeling the effects of the storms. Hope all is back to normal very soon.
Judy, did you ever freeze tomatoes? I did it for years and it works out great! You still have to scald and peel them, then just pop them into freezer bags. You can always make salsa, ketchup, sauce later. Freezer tomatoes make great soups and chili, much less water content=thicker base. Wishing you a great sunny week and weekend!