Friday, September 30, 2011

Anyone selling sunshine?

Human beings will line up for miles to buy a bucket of catastrophes, but don’t try selling sunshine and light – you ‘ll go broke ~Chuck Jones

I think most people in PA would pay good money for some sunshine. It has been a while since we have seen any for any length of time. As I look out the window it is playing games of hide and go seek. It will disappear behind a cloud only to reappear for a few seconds before it disappears again. Happily the clouds are not dropping buckets of rain. Supposedly this reprieve is only going to last for today then rain is due until next Tuesday. Back in 1948 we set a rainfall record of 53 ¾ inches and we now stand at 49 ½ inches so I think we will break that record before the year is out. The electric company loves me since I have to use the drier to get any clothes to dry.

I have been wanting to get into the garden. Last weekend we were able to dig 1/3 of the potatoes. The harvest was dismally small so far but better than my neighbors, his never grew and the seed potatoes were found rotten in the ground.

Now I don’t know what changed…maybe it is the weather, maybe it is the kids going back to school but after going to the Endless Mountain Fiber Festival I seem to have gotten my knitting enthusiasm back. I came home and started knitting the Icelandic socks. Finishing them, I moved on to the Karen Shawl

and then I knit another pair of socks which #2 claimed even though it was not with her yarn. I then proceeded to finish Baby O’s turkey hat

for Thanksgiving and I crocheted a cover for a cup

which I modified to fit #2’s juice box. She has a thing for sock monkeys so when I saw this I had to make it. And I finished stuffing some knitted pumpkins and sewing them shut.

While reading Linda’s blog I saw a poncho with a collar and thought of some girls that would love it. She gave me the info and I ordered the pattern. On Tuesday the new KnitPicks magazine was in the mailbox and I feel in love with the Woodland Winter Mittens…and subsequently ordered the pattern.

While waiting on them to come in the mail I saw Lady Lovelace . I am not going to do the sweater but I did start working on the shawl as sometimes you just want a little something around your shoulders. Something that isn’t too long and allows your arms to move freely. Bulky yarn makes it a quick knit and we are ½ way thru it.

#1, Sir T and Baby O are coming up for the weekend. They have to decide on a stocking design for Baby O’s stocking so I will have it done in time….you do realize there are only 85 days until Christmas right?

And since it is going to rain all weekend I know where I will be. Now I just have to get working on the spinning mojo.


Linda said...

Judy, Love your projects! The shawl will be beautiful; love the patterning. And the turkey hat! Hope you take a picture of the baby with it on. Sock monkey is very cute. Hope the sun shines for you very soon! I would be a raving lunatic with all that rain. Have a great weekend; happy knitting!

Anonymous said...

The shawl looks so utterly soft, so I know it's going to be cozy and warm too. Loved that little "turkey" hat too. Adorable!

My potatoes rotted in the ground as well. Not that I had planted a huge amount of them, but it would have been nice to have succeeded with the few I had planted. Oh well, I guess we just have to wait till next Summer, and hope things go better then. :)

cyndy said...

Beautiful FO's Judy! The turkey hat is TOOOO Cute!

Love that Karen Shawl!

I hope you are spinning again...looking forward to seeing some skeins come off your bobbin!

I'd glady buy a spot of sun...if the weather does not change soon, I'm afraid I'll start getting webbed feet.

finnsheep said...

The shawl is lovely and the turkey hat made me laugh out loud!