Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yearly Fiber Festival

Advice for the day: If you have a headache, do what it says on the aspirin bottle: Take two and Keep Away From Children ~unknown

For whatever reason I have major headaches at this time of year. I remember having a headache last year and the year before that when attending the Endless Mountain Sheep & Wool Festival…one tradition I would be happy to break from.

At this years festival, many of the vendors were unable to attend because the area was hit by Irene and then remnants of Lee. Some places are still underwater and inaccessible. Headache or no headache I decided it was my duty to stimulate the economy. We got there late as the man had to work half the day. #2 daughter came with me and we browsed while he managed to find food and buy out their days supply!

Silvara Valley Farm had lamb jerky and now he says I should be able to make him some with the lamb in the freezer. As canning season is still not over I think he should have savored it until the time I am able to make him some. I think he also bought me the goat milk and honey soap from them.

#2 saw some merino, cashmere and nylon sock yarn in Ultramarine over at the Unplanned Peacock Studio booth. As I haven’t made her socks in a while she hinted that they would make a beautiful pair of socks. So the sock yarn and two patterns followed us home. The patterns are Ishbel by Ysolda and Karen byAmy Swenson.

A sock kit containing Icelandic wool from HeartsEase Farm joined the purchases. I was interested in how long they would wear. As they are already done I will let you know soon!

Then I saw earrings and bought two pair. One is balls of yarn with needles sticking out of them and the other will be a gift so we can’t say anything

I purchased some maple mustard, maple candy, and maple lip care from Loch's Maple Fiber Mill and on the way out bought my knitting bowl from Stillmeadow Finnsheep Farm , a fellow finnsheep owner. This is the one item I knew I was going to buy so I held off visiting this booth until the end. There she sat, a large bowl in a lovely shade of green as I have a thing for green. Then I almost didn’t get it as I was $6 short and they didn’t have an ATM nearby. I didn’t think to bring a checkbook which she would have taken. Thankfully Cyndy from Riverrim was vending there with Grace from Hatton Antique Spinning Wheels and I bummed the extra monies off of her. (Thanks again)

Now I am working my way through another headache and the kids will be home in an hour. Must go lay down and hope it is gone before they arrive.


cyndy said...

Wish you didn't have those headaches!
Hoping you feel better by now ;0)

Glad to see you are making quick use of the Yarn Bowl! It is so pretty! I was happy to "enabelz" the purchase!

Nice to visit with you and the man and #2 daughter...don't get to do that enough these days!!

HA! I came home with a Ysolda pattern too! Liesl!

Linda said...

Hope you're headache goes away very soon and you're feeling better. Glad you were able to make it to the Fiber Festival. I think that's always a cure for what ails ya!! Sadly, I had to miss 2 of my favorite festivals again this year. Ah, there's always next year, though (fingers crossed)! Have a great relaxing - headache free - day!(fingers crossed for you!)

Sandie Knapp said...

I do hope the headaches have eased up for you, and I'm really sorry, to have once again missed meeting you at the Fiber Festival. Hopefully there will be next year, if I remember to check with you first, before going. Maybe then we can set up a definite place and approximate time to meet. I would love that.

I see you made some lovely purchases too. I have a feeling it is nearly impossible to attend, and go home empty handed. :)