Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are you ready for some football?

“Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that.” ~ Bill Shankly

Football is a weird thing.  I love the game but I have a hard time watching it.  I scream at them when I want them to do something but then that same amount of energy makes me cringe when they hit.  #2 son plays football.  His decision.  I am ambiguous.  On one hand it makes him maintain his grades and is great exercise.  On the other, he injured his rotator cuff last year and this year he had a shoulder injury and twisted his wrist.  Each game I wonder what else is going to get hurt.

Like the big leagues, his team has Monday Night Football.  Varsity has Friday nights.  My SIL was late getting home because of an accident blocking traffic so I was watching the nephews.  This made me late for son's game. 

We got there at the beginning of the second quarter.  The score was 6-22...not good.  I look for #2 son and find him on the field with a bandage on his leg. 

What happened now?  #2 daughter reminds me he had a cut on his leg from climbing on a stone wall and they probably made him cover it.  OK attention back on field. 

Our guys have the ball, they pushed down the field, scored and got the extra 2 points. 

Score: 14-22 

I think half time came then along with some sprinkles.  When things resumed, the opposing team got the ball and was unsuccessful.  We got the ball back. 

We pushed down the field, scored and got the extra 2 points. 

Score:  22-22

By this time things were darkening and the field lights came on.  From the bleachers you could see llightning flash on the other side of the lake but the ref's couldn't see it down on the field with the lights on. 

The rain got harder but we persevered because it was a tied score in the third.   The opposing team had the ball.  After a couple of plays they decided to pass the ball to get more yardage.  They threw it and we intercepted. 

Pandemonium erupts!!

We get all set up on our 35 yard line, people are stomping and clapping.  Anticipation is running rampant.

The guys bend over to start the play and lightning flashes pretty close by.  The thunder is drowned out by the stomping feet on the bleachers.
The whistle blows and the game is called.  The kids are out there trying to tell the ref's it was the flash from their camera so they could keep playing!

It was such an awesome game and then it was left hanging.  #2 son came running out of the locker rooms, through the rain, tossed his bag in the back and was so animated the entire ride home.  Me, I was nervous the whole ride with lightning turning the night into day and the wipers barely keeping up with the rain.

It was good to be home...only four more games left this season.  I don't know if I can take this!!!

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