Monday, June 14, 2010

Ins & Outs

Ins and outs and ups and downs
Life's road meanders aimlessly?
Or so it seems, but somehow
Leads us where we need to be, ~ John McLeod

Oh, it has been one of those weekends.  Friday night, #2 daughter had 2 friends stay over... #2 son had my nephew laugh...and talk ALOT...and LATE!  The man went to work Saturday and the nephew had to leave to go visit his grandma.  #1 son came along and picked up #2 son and took him for the weekend.  Which just left us girls here.  We got some work done in the garden and then the man came home.  We decide to take the girls swimming in the river.  We were all hot, sweaty and covered with hay....and then we were freezing!  The river still has not warmed up.  Whereas #1 and #2 son were swimming in 72 degree pool we were swimming in 50 degree water.  Well actually it was 64 but felt like 50!!!!  We were not hot again for the rest of the day!!!  We shivered our way home and had steak on the grill.  Then we decided to take the girls fishing.

It is now after 7 pm so all the canoers are off the river.  We cast in all the lines and here comes two male adults and a female adult walking down to the rivers edge.  They are carrying a kayak and they stop right by us.  It becomes apparant that they are going to go swimming right near where we have our lines cast instead of anywhere else on the river.  My man asks "Excuse me, are you really going to go swimming right where our lines are"  and the man replies that they just want to get their feet wet, won't be splashing around and will kayak up the river away from our lines.   My man realizes he doesn't have his license and leaves to go get it.  The woman gets in the kayak and paddles out.  The men start chucking rocks bigger than softballs at her!  She thinks it is funny but the girls are asking me why they are doing it and won't it scare away the fish.  I say some people's idea of fun is a little warped and they fail to take other people into consideration.  My man returns.  This rock throwing continues for about 10 minutes and by now he is fuming and then he finally explodes.  He asks them "Are you ****ing serious, do you have a ****ing problem or can you not see that we are trying to fish here."  The woman comes in and one of the guys gets in the kayak and the other guy says "Yelling at me is not the way to get me to do what you want, you should ask"!!!!! My man says "I asked you before you even got in the water"  The guy says "I would never use that word in front of my child"  My man says "Normally I wouldn't but I've had it with the rock throwing"  And I had to get into it and say "You wouldn't swear in front of your child but you have no problem ruining a fishing trip for these girls,  Yup that makes you a good man"  So the rocks continue flying because the guy is a total dirtbag.  We sit for a good five minutes and then my man goes and gets his biggest pole.  He starts baiting it and says "You know what? I am going to cast right at your friend in the kayak"  The guy on shore throwing the rocks says "why because I am throwing rocks?"  My man says "Yeah, you are ruining my fishing, I will ruin his kayaking"  So the rock throwing stops.

All is peaceful on the riverfront.  Across the river we see a deer walking the shoreline. Ah nature! The girls start wondering if she has a fawn hidden in the bushes. #2 says Bambi use to be here favorite movie.   Then the deer runs up the embankment and proceeds to get hit by a van driving down the road that parallels the river.  No I am not kidding.  The girls get upset wondering if she is still alive and what will happen to her baby now if she has one.  As we are talking to them, in pulls our local fire department to re-fill the fire truck because they filled someone's pool. (Something they are not suppose to do anymore)  We gave up, hauled in our lines and left.  Mr. Rock thrower was nice enough to give us the one finger wave as we drove away...very classy guy don't ya know.

We dropped #2's friends off, had coffee with their mom then came home to an early bed.  I let everyone sleep in Sunday morning while I enjoyed the peace and quiet and spinning.  After a breakfast courtesy of #2 daughter we did barn chores and started working in the basement.  I needed to organize the shelves a little to see what canned goods we had left.  We heard thunder so we go upstairs to check the Weather channel.  The man decides he wants to watch Shutter Island.  The rains pour down and we have a stream running down the drive.  It stops, the movie ends and the man goes to light the burn pile while everything is wet.  I start taking down the laundry that was on the line to rewash since the line bowed down into the grass and dirt....and it starts to rain again. I have no clue how much rain we got yesterday but suffice it to say I will not be working in the garden today.  I will be back down in the basement sorting the canning jars for the up coming season.  Sometimes we don't always get our jars back from friends and family and they need to be replaced.   We have been having the oddest then hot which makes storms which drowns everything and cools it down again.  I hope it doesn't have any ill effects on the garden.  Everything is looking real good right now. 
I already know I have to put up more corn, beans, salsa, hot pepper mustard, tomatoes and tomato soup and I don't want to buy it to do it.  And hopefully the fence continues to keep the deer on the outside of the garden

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Anonymous said...

Some days are just like that! Probably wish you stayed in bed.
I must admit the man is a lot nicer than I am, I just don't seem to have the patience for morons like the rock thrower anymore (guess it comes with old age)