Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thump thump Thump thump

“Life is one of those precious fleeting gifts, and everything can change in a heartbeat.”

Heart or heartbeats have been on our minds alot recently.  The man and I celebrated our second anniversary and he still makes my heartbeat faster, which is a good thing.  However when the man's started beating wildly and he ended up in the hospital last month, we set to getting him set up with a regimen of doctor appointments.  He is just tickled pink about this!!!  Monday was his first appointment and so far he is the picture of perfect health. He has an appointment on the 14th where they will schedule him another and then if everything is okay he is free until next year.

Another thing that has us thinking of our heart is our WiiMii.  #2 daughter got Wii for Christmas.  She also received the Wii Fit.  On Wii Fit you set up a WiiMii (animated person that you design to look like you).  Now the WiiMii's all start out thin.  After entering your height, age and doing a few excercises it weighs you.  This will give you your Body Mass Index (BMI). This is the scary part as your WiiMii grows or shrinks with this info.  Suffice it to say mine grew....sideways.   Using this info and doing somemore balance testing you get your Wii Age.  I was scared because I sometimes feel real real old.  Oddly enough I came out 8 years younger than I really am!  I made #2 daughter come witness that little tidbit as they all came out older than their actual age.  Yeah Mii!

Not to be over confident (and to take my Mii down to a more svelte Mii) I started some basic strength training and yoga.  At first I thought this was slightly boring so I raised the reps a little and kicked my own ass.  This morning, I squated down to put wood in the stove and my legs screamed.  I guess the lunges actually were working!  Now to just keep it up.  I may not want to go back to being 20 but I wouldn't mind feeling like I was.

#1 daughter bought #2 daughter the first of the Vampire Academy books.  #2 fell in love with the characters and with another gift (Border's card) bought the rest of the books that are available.  I, of course, had to read them and have to agree her, they are better than the Twilight books.  Poor Rose had her heart broken. And now I have to read #2 son's books, the Shadow Children series which will probably tug at my heart more so than the vampire books.

And then hearts started being crocheted.

I saw these and saved the pattern for "later"...sometimes "later" never comes but this time it did.  Being in the duldroms somewhat in the knitting department and wanting to work with something other than gray wool,  I sat down with some leftover yarn and started crocheting.  They are a quick, mindless crochet and just what I need right now.  Once I get bored doing them I will send them to #1 as I doubt she has many Valentine's decorations.

But now I have to go warm the cockeles of my chickens hearts and bring them their morning treat....bread soaked in warm milk.  They love it and I love their eggs.  Win win situation.


j said...

your daughter sure is spoiled!!!! ....Tori!!! <3

cyndy said...

Good news that all is check-uped and checkout fine :-)

Those hearts look great!

cyndy said...

your chickens are sure spoiled!

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Anniversary to you and "the man" that stole your heart. I'm glad everything is looking good to date.

My BFF received a Wii Sport, for Xmas, and also the Wii Fit. She took the age test, and it said she was 10 years older than she actually is. She needs to get busy working on lowering that, I would guess. I would be terrified of trying it. It would tell me I am a walking dead, I'm sure. :D
But I hope you have a lot of fun with it, and that it makes you younger by the day.

If that bread soaked in warm milk helps those hens lay more eggs, then by all means, treat those ladies. Those eggs are tasty!!

Have a good one. :)