Monday, January 04, 2010

Cold Gray January

"I like these cold, gray winter days. Days like these let you savor a bad mood." - Bill Watterson

I am not savoring a bad mood, but the cold, gray is making me savor the heat from the woodstove.  When we were designing the house I said my spot would be right by the woodstove.  My chair sits in a corner with windows on both walls so I have awesome views.  Sometimes it gets obnoxiously hot there and I am forced to grabbed whatever I am working on and move to a less scorching area.  But when the high temps are only in the teens, there is no place like my chair. 

I sat there yesterday while the menfolk (the man, sons 1 & 2, brother and nephew) were trying to act like a bunch of neanderthols and stood out on the ice in 20-30 mph winds in 16 degree temps trying to get a fish to eat a worm.  Of course when I got up to finish dinner they had no problem jumping in to my chair.

Now less my sitting sounds lazy I must defend myself and say that things get accomplished while I am ensconsed in my chair.  For instance, since the new year more of that beautiful gray wool was spun.  When the kids left for the bus this morning,  I finished carding up what I had washed so I am ready to spin some more. 

I have also managed to knit a pair of socks for a friend whom, if you ask her, has waited eons for me to make her another pair.  She is trying to stop smoking so I decided she deserved a treat and I knit her up a pair of socks.  She likes heavy socks to walk around her house in so I made her a pair from Patons Merino with #5 needles, easy one day socks.

While I was talking to  #1 daughter and telling her I was making that pair of socks, she informed me her (aka a pair she requested be made for a friend and then decided to keep for herself) socks accidently went thru the washer and dryer and now sat lower than no-see-ums. HINT, HINT, HINT.  So I just finished making her a pair of socks....I used some more Patons Merinos because #1 likes to keep her house cool so will appreciate the thickness of the socks.  They will be sent out today when the man gets home.

But now I think I have to grab something brighter to work on as the grayness is getting to be too much.  Oh wait, #1 daughter requested a pink hat, scarf and gloves...imagine that.


j said...

my feet just smiled

:) :)

cyndy said...

Funny, how the cold weather has everyone thinking about those warm woolies ;-)

(when I leave my chair, the cat grabs it!)