Monday, January 12, 2009


"Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up." ~ A.A. Milne

Or at least you hope that's how it goes. With this thought in mind we spent the weekend working on the house and planning for the future.

On Saturday the man and #2 son went to get feed and a load of firewood. They arrived home just as the snow started to fall. #2 Daughter had made plans for her friends to spend the night so she was cleaning her room... to make room (she will never get blamed for being a neat freak).
I spent some time unpacking. I had finally found my seed bin (aka old bread box) on Friday so I went through the seeds that I had and I was able to check alot off the list of what I wanted to get. I just have to place the order and I am done. The prices have definitely gone up. See the package in the bottom right...Ferry Seed Asters, only 15 cents in I am looking at $3.85 and there are probably less seed.

With that task accomplished my mind wandered to what animals we wanted to mess with this summer. I continued to churn things over as I made some bread and plied some more bobbins of my worsted weight acrylic yarn for the rug.

After evening chores we picked the friends up and bunkered down for the "worst" part of the storm...which didn't come. We discussed animals and the man doesn't want to deal with any beef animals until we are able to install better fencing. Sheep fencing does NOT work on cattle even though the information stated it could be used for such. The beef presently in the freezer made quick work of it. The preivious one walked thru 5 rows of barb wire with plain wire tieing the top to the bottom strand so it wouldn't spread. When they say "tough as cowhide" they mean you can walk thru a barberry hedge and not feel a thing.

Sunday dawned early with only a 4 inch total snow accumulation. #2 son went ice fishing with my brother and nephews while the girls were out sleigh riding by 8. They made an appearance about noon for some lunch and they were out the door again. When son and the nephews returned empty handed they joined them on the slope. About 5 PM the girls Mom showed up to take them home. While the kids were occupied I had painted the hallway, and the man put the molding up around all the doors and archways. I unpacked two more totes, did laundry and crocheted some more on the rug.
We are only getting one egg a day from seven hens right now so we have decided to get some more layers. I think I might pick up a couple of pullets from Farmer Dave and then buy chicks to raise so I can get what I want. We have decided to stick with some breeds we had before: The light brahmas and the buff orps. Both were big, calm birds and both sat and hatched out chicks for me. Now we just need to decide when we want them delivered.

Right now the plan is to have 6 turkeys of which I would like to keep two to breed. I was thinking of the Rio Grande or the Standard Bronze. Rio Grande to me means a slightly warmer climate so I will have to see if they can handle our weather.

We have also decided to get 50 roasters....this may change depending on if the neighbors want us to raise some. And we will be going to Farmer Dave for three pigs.

With that all out of the way I am able to plan more immediate things today. I already washed a black Finn lamb fleece from my fall clipping... YUMMY! I only have two more of my own to wash. Then I have a LOT of Farmer Dave's fleece which I am going to wash and use it to stuff dog beds. But for right I want to pull out the drumcarder or should I go ply/crochet more on the rug to finish it and get it out of the way? Of course, it sure would be nice to spin my own wool while watching the PA Farm Shows Sheep to Shawl on Wednesday. OH Decisions, decisions, decisions! I guess I will make that choice after I unpack another tote.


Tam said...

Judy, the crocheted rug is looking real nice! I vote for spinning and watching the farm show....see ya'!

cyndy said...

That rug is so colorful, I wouldn't want to walk on it! Hang it on the wall!

Do I qualify as a neighbor, if so, we need to talk roasters. Also, if you wind up with too many roo's, my girls are lonely and I will be glad to give one a home.

Are you drying fleece in front of the new woodstove? You sound wonderfully productive.