Sunday, January 18, 2009


"Time for the weather report. It's cold out folks. Bonecrushing cold. The kind of cold which will wrench the spirit out of a young man or forge it into steel." Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider Northern Exposure. Lost and Found 1992

I use to love that show. Oh the thoughts of living in Alaska...except for the cold it would be wonderful! Friday morning it was -8.1 and Saturday it was -12.3. Now that is in no way shape or form cold to people in Alaska, but to me that is COLD enough. And it is cold enough to freeze up the river.Needless to say I did not move far away from the woodstove. #2 daughter was able to wear her new mittens to school on Friday as I was able to finish them Thursday night.
Mom said that my sister would probably like a pair so Friday I started to knit her a pair out of my own handspun Finn wool. Boy do I need more time behind the wheel. With intermittent bouts of spinning my yarn leaves alot to be desired. These mittens are also a test. The wool is mine, washed by me, carded and spun by harsh chemicals. My sister is willing to be a guinea pig...she is allergic to wool but said mine always felt so soft and cushy unlike what she had been use to. So in February if you are flying to PR and see a blonde with raw red hands you will know the test failed!

#2 daughter went over to a friends for a b-day sleepover Saturday. #2 son went to a neighbors to help stack firewood while the man and I went to town. Even now with the kids being older it is not often we get out without them. It made us almost giddy to shop without saying "no we don't need that", "no I make my own" and "put it back". It's the little things.

We awoke this morning to snow. The weatherman's report of 2 inches was a little off as we got over 6. I sat and watched it accumulate while I finished my sisters mittens. Then I took the rest of the day off from fiber to cook and bake, if you can believe it. I am not known to be able to bake. But since I was able to make Danish Puffs on Friday with Mom's help I decided to attempt them solo....They taste the same but the puff dough part was much wetter than her's and didn't puff as much. Practice makes perfect and the man loves to eat the mistakes so I guess I will have to keep trying. In cooking, #1 son had put in a request for Mexican Lasagna so I made a double batch. He sent home a basket full of dirty laundry with his request, lucky me!

#2 son and the nephews spent the afternoon sleigh riding. When the nephews went home we picked up #2 daughter and called it an early night. Then while sitting typing this I got a little boost....Do you see what I see? A bud and Spring is only 61 days away. So while the snow blows and my sinus's freeze and then begin to drip everytime I go outside, I will still be warm knowing that however long it really does takes, be it 61 days or 80+, Spring will come. And for sometime until then I will get to see my sister suffer the effects of this weather! Misery loves company and someone else's is always good for a laugh.


cyndy said...

The mittens look great! I can't believe how fast yu knit!

With this cold weather, we should be getting ice jams soon....

stay warm, layer up ;-)

oh, and thanks again for the puffs, they were great!

SIS said...

Just two more days Sis and you will have the JOY of seeing me suffer in the freezing cold, but just so you know I am stuffing some sunshine into my suitcase to keep me warm and get those temperatures up to the double digits at least for my stay. Hope it works. Can't wait to be home either way.

Anonymous said...

I ought to knit up a few pairs of mittens for myself, and never think to do that. Oh well.

I was in Dickson City last Friday, and outside of Michael's I noticed trees with fat buds on them, like you showed in your photo. All the snow makes Spring seem as though it's a long way off, but it's good to remember it's days are numbered, and at this stage of the game, in OUR favor!!

We have 12" of new snow from yesterdays surprise storm. Thank goodness it was also very light and airy. It didn't break my back to shovel it. Take care :)