Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thinking Spring

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. ~ProverbThey are saying this winter is one of the coldest on record. We have had below normal temperatures since October. Saturday it was -5 at 8:30 in the morning. I can't say I have cabin fever...yet. What is wrong with me is I am sick and tired of being cold. I love snow but the cold drives me nuts.

I have been knitting things to keep everyone warm. First it was mittens and now it is hats.I knit this litttle devil hat because you can't get any warmer than his domain. Then I saw something that both keeps you warm and speaks spring to me. This fish hat. It is a very quick knit and uses up leftovers....a win, win, win, win.
I started it Friday and finished it Saturday. Then I continued in this "think Spring" frame of mind and ordered my chicks for delivery in April. Then I ordered all my seeds.

Sunday I went back to knitting to keep people warm. A friend of mine had a pair of slipper socks that I had made her years ago which she had put holes in because of nail in her floor. She had given them back to me to fix. I decided to make her a new pair and finished them while watching TV Sunday night. She wants a pair that goes over her pant legs when she has boots on but I thought leg warmers would work better for that so I started her a pair of leg warmers.

The man was sick on Sunday and stayed home yesterday, then #2 daughter came home from school early as she had a fever. #2 son was sitting here last night and I looked at him and he was all flushed...fever also. They are staying home today and with the storm coming they will probably be home tomorrow. So far I have heard 4-8 inches and 6-10 inches. All I know is that this weekend is suppose to actually go above freezing! I can't wait.


cyndy said...

Oh the fish hat turned out well!! Who is going to get to wear it?

Sorry to hear that a bug is going around ;-(....try to stay well.

We ran out of coal..so I'm freezing too...won't make delivery until after the snowstorm...
I'm switching over to wood...

take care..try to stay warm!

Tam said...

Love the fish hat! and the others too of course...stay well.

Sandie Knapp said...

I love all of the hats and the socks, but that "fish" hat is really adorable. Very unique too. :)