Sunday, December 07, 2008

Weary Knitter

If the knitter is weary the baby will have no new bonnet. ~Irish Proverb

Or there won't be Christmas presents! I picked the longer needle up on Thursday and have been knitting away on the Hemlock. Yesterday the guys went hunting. #2 daughter and I sat and watched Santa Clause 3 and I knit. I only have 3 rows to go to make 55 which is where most people stop or 18 to the end of the chart. I am going to the end....if I can make it. I have been knitting so much my arm was starting to hurt so I took the afternoon and evening off and that seems to have helped. The arm is feeling much better this morning.

#1 Daughter called the other evening to request two pair of peekaboo mittens in kool-aid dyed homespun. While my arm was recuperating I dyed two skeins of blue and one red as requested. The blue I dyed 1/2 light and 1/2 dark hoping it will stripe a little.
The man went and got the floor sander. We installed reclaimed wood in the livingroom, dining room, kitchen and hall. Here is what it looked like before sandingand here is after one swipe with the sander.I can't wait to see it all done. He will be finished with the sanding today. On some boards you can see the old saw marks and I want to keep them as long as there is no chance of getting splinters. He thinks I am strange as will my kids so it will probably be sanded away.
Tonight is the towns tree lighting and the weatherman just said it will be the coldest night so far. As I know some "people in high places", I am going to go put in a request for a bonfire! Nope that won't work they just said wind15-20 mph winds with gust 25 to 30. It is 27 at the TV station now with 10 mph winds so an 8 degree windchill temp. We are normally 5+ degrees colder. Yikes! They are calling for 10 degrees. Oh add in those windchills and people will be grabbing the free hotdogs, cookies and hot cocoa just to use as handwarmers!
Plans for today...#1 daughter and I are canning some raspberry chocolate sundae sauce for Christmas presents. Then I am going to go pick up an old neighbor that moved away and bring her down to see the progress of the house and have dinner. We are going to have to tell her to bundle up for the tree lighting. But until then I am going to knit. If my arm starts to hurt some Tylenol and Absorbine Jr. should fix what ails me! Wish me luck!

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cyndy said...

Im going to try and make it tonight...hey, I half expected to see your Christmas Songs on the margin...I could play Baby it's Cold outside....

Looks like the dye worked fine!