Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Every dog has his day in court

"Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?"

We made the rounds of the courts on Monday. I had an appointment because the ex wanted his child support lowered because he is temporarily on unemployment until January. The judge told him that was not an excuse and noticed that he makes more money and offered to raise it for me. I declined the raise as I don't want to make things harder on him but I am tired of him contributing to numerous 401K's and child support being the first cut in his "economic plan."

After lunch we went to traffic court for the citation issued at the hit and run. The citation stated the man (my man) caused the accident! The law used stated that if a vehicle was parked on the road it had to be visible for 500 feet and a lane had to be open for traffic. Google Earth has this nice ruler and it was 534 feet in one direction and 1600+ in the direction the guy hit us from. Being drunk does affect your vision! You have to pay the fine in order to get a court date and at the end they were reimbursing the monies.

A very good start to this week since last week ended on a sour note. Friday after rounding up the chickens and driving them to the butcher we ended up driving them home. The butcher said they told us the "weekend after Thanksgiving" which is what we thought this past weekend was?! Then they called on Saturday and said "Sorry, bring them in on 12/2. So last night the man drove them back out there and we drive back out tonight to pick them up. Boy am I glad the price of gas went down.

And on one of those WTF was I thinking moments - you know the ones, where you get this ingenous idea and feel like Wonder Woman. One that you over estimate your abilities and under estimate the flight of time. You get all cocky thinking you have the yarn, the needles and you already start seeing the recipients surprise - Well I had one of those moments on Sunday and started another Hemlock Ring. I have finished 35 rows of the normal 55 on the feather fan section. So why the WTF you ask....When it was switched from a doily pattern to an afghan they used a size 10 needle. I had Paton's Merino which was thinner than the yarn called for so used the needle size recommended hence it will be smaller. I knew this but figured I could do more repeats. Here is the bad part...The needle length-more repeats means more stitches. I have the Denise needles which I love but sometimes putting it in the bag and taking it out can undo one of those needles or lengths. I have to put it away or the dog thinks it is a play toy. So I went out to buy a 36 or 48 inch #7 store wasn't open, another store didn't have it, mom doesn't have one, Mary doesn't have one. So I have been trying to fit all those stitches on a 29 inch and have finally run out of room.
Now I have this really bad trait, I will knit this every spare second I have BUT if I hit a snafu and have to set it aside or deal with broken needles and dropped stitches I will get PO'ed and it won't get done. Also I will go crazy waiting on the needles to arrive if I order them, no other project will suffice because I will not be working on what I want to work on. When I called Cyndy to inquire if she had one, she said that was called obsession and she is right. Thankfully she admitted to the same "disease" so I don't feel bad! But no she didn't have a longer needle either. Oh well I should stop pouting, Santa Claus is coming to town and maybe he will bring me one.
4 PM UPDATE: Jill Deal has a 32 and 40 inch and has put them aside for me! I go pick them up tomorrow morning!!!! Yipee!!!!


Geraldo Maia said...


From Brazil a friendly hello with my best wishes:

cyndy said...

Wish I could take a drive with you tomorrow ....we could go to Jill Deals...and then lunch! Ah, but that would be a perfect world, and not the one I'm presently living in!

The HR looks beautiful, can't wait to see it in person..hopefully Friday?

Tam said...

I'm glad things went well in court Judy and once again your knitting is gorgeous...hope to see you Friday.

Sandie Knapp said...

Congratulations on both of the court problems being in your favor, as was only right.

Love the new shawl, and I am SO GLAD you will have longer needles soon!! :)

finnsheep said...

The Hemlock Ring is beautiful! I can see why you would be obsessed.