Thursday, December 11, 2008

Third of Six Snow Days

Oh, what a blamed uncertain thing
This pesky weather is;
It blew and snew and then it thew,
And now, by jing, it's friz! ~ Philander Johnson

Because our school district is so large (325 Sq Miles) the weather is very different from one area to the other, lots of little micro-climates. Down in the river valley we have nothing but rain, again. They say the higher elevations have a wintery mix so the kids have their third snow day. According to the weather man tomorrow there will be several inches of snow in the higher elevations so they may not have school tomorrow.

#2 son who is usually a bear to get up every morning is wide awake when there is a delay or closing. He made a trip to the emergency room last night as he got off the late bus crying his shoulder hurt from wrestling. After two hours and some Xrays he came home in a sling for a week or more depending on his re-evaluation. He has a sprained shoulder and some muscle damage....he is playing it to the hilt. He is right handed and it is his right shoulder so he tries saying he can't do anything. Some of this I let him get away with as I know he will be bored with it soon is driving his sister crazy though!!!

In fibery news...The Hemlock and I have suffered some technical difficulties. On a K2tog yo ssk row I came up one ssk too short. I counted, recounted, recounted again and couldn't find a mistake which would lead me to assume it is 5 rows below. Since this realization I have lost a day to a migraine and one to going to town. If the kids weren't home I would work on it today. Instead I did manage to wind the blue yarn into a ball and knit the first pair of Peek-a-boo mittens for #1 daughter. I also did one of the lacy fingerless mitts in blue and hope to finish the other tonight.
In house news...#1 son came over and we polyed the floors. I need to go to the store and buy more for the second coat. Saturday we should be able to put the that on. And on Sunday we may have to go get the tree.

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SIS said...

Hey sis. I guess the computer is now working since I see your update. YEAH!! Glad to hear things are moving forward on the Homeward Bound front and moving day is approaching. I think I can even smell that first dinner cooking in new house. Can't wait to get home to see. Miss you all more each day as Christmas quickly approaches. Hugs to all.