Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Back to School and Birthdays too

The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book. ~Author UnknownThe kids returned to school today. I hope they get teachers like the above but sadly our district makes the teachers teach to pass the PSSA's. Even some of the teachers hate it as they feel they are trying to teach the kids to read without teaching them their ABC's just to pass a test. I have had some teachers give out their home telephone number so if the kids had problems they could call. I was impressed by the dedication but would not think of bothering them while they are home with their family. My kids are so backwards. The one that cares about school has to work hard for every grade she gets and the one that hates school get A's without much effort. Last year he started to take that for granted so he has been forewarned.

Along with the return to school, today also marks #1 Daughter's 25th birthday! Born at home in a small house in VA, weighing 5 lbs. 2 oz, she came into the world screaming. She is still a tiny little thing and still screaming! She is so full of energy that you get exhausted just being with her!

So today while the younger two are in school and elder son at work, Mom and I are going to take the old girl out to lunch for her birthday and give her the rest of her b-day presents. Then we are going to the farmer's market to pick up some produce for some marathon canning.
At least that is the plan right now. I have been sick off and on since Friday afternoon so these plans might change. Wish us luck!

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Big SIS said...

Talked to your b-day girl after speaking with you this a.m. Her comment was so is getting SOOOO old that instead of going out partying for her birthday she was off to Farmers Market with the older set. LOL Thought that was funny. Told her though she should be proud she is maturing into such a versatile young woman with varied interests. Hope you all have a WONDERFUL day...wish I was there to share it.