Friday, June 20, 2008


Then followed that beautiful season... Summer....
Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape
Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Temperature-wise it feels more like Spring (71 degrees) but I am not complaining as it is much better than the 90's we had a short time ago. So much more gets done when you are able to work the whole day thru in the garden.

I got most of the greenhouse garden weeded on Wednesday before the downpours and pea size hail came. It quickly turned the driveway into a streambed.
Since I was unable to go into the garden yesterday after such a drenching. I worked around the yard. Unfortunately I worked in the yard when it was getting dark. I had weeded the beds on the outside of the garden fence early in the day. I decided to weedwack around the rock border. I was using my left arm as my right couldn't handle it anymore. I went to wack one weed with roots to China that I was unable to pull out earlier and it grabbed it and pulled the weed wacker into my Nanking Cherries. I stopped the machine and walked away. In the light of day it looks as bad as I thought it was.
This morning I was able to go into the garden. I finished all the weeding and mulched everything. I finally planted the sweet potato slips and put some turnip seeds in. While I was moving some pots to mulch under them I found a snake. I hate snakes! My rule is the snakes can be in my garden when I am not. I took a 3 foot row marker and flicked him over the garden fence so I could continue working and not worry about where he was. I didn't realize the rooster was outside the fence. He quickly grabbed the snake and shook him. I thought he was a goner as he just layed there but when I went to flick him up into the woods he rolled over and made his way on his own. #2 Daughter came inside to find that he was a Red Bellied Racer.
Maybe the temps are what made him slow today.
Entering back into the garden I found that my garden huckleberries have flower buds on them.I can not wait to try these so it was a great find on the first day of summer. I have to go check the large garden because I think I might even have a head of broccoli down there! Actually I now that the greenhouse garden is completely planted and under control, I have to turn my attention to the large garden, weeding, mulching and hilling.
And tomorrow seems like it will be a good day to start as right now I am going to go spin some more. Actually I am going to let Spin-Off know that I still did not get my magazine, then I am going to spin. And I offer up proof that I have actually been spinning. The most adorable puppy ate the tip off one of my needles....the same set that the children broke two of I have no spare to finish the second sock hence my knitting time has become my spinning time. I may even take the wheel outside and enjoy the day.


Anonymous said...

Poor snake, stalking your garden for nasty bugs and other nasties and he ends up being flown across the fence and attacked by the rooster. If I were that snake I would leave your garden to the varmits!!!

Hope the cherry wasn't damaged too much. I'm dangerous with a weed whacker too, that is when I can hold it long enough to get anything done.

So, where is some of this pretty hand spun yarn you are making? I want to see!

Take care :)

Tam said...

Yucky snake! Pretty yarn! Do you have a project planned for it?