Wednesday, June 18, 2008


“When things mean a very great deal to you, exciting anticipation just isn't safe.” ~ Dodie Smith

On June 6th, I went to our local spinning group and everyone had their newest edition of Spin-Off magazine. I had already received my mail for that day so assumed I would get it on Saturday. I waited and nothing. I was certain I would get it on Monday since our mail usually runs a day or two behind, the price of living where I live.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday....nothing! Everyday I expected today would be the day. Everyone else had theirs, it was being discussed on Yahoo groups I belong to but it was not to be.

Friday I decided to check and see if something was wrong with my account....there wasn't. So I emailed them to ask if they had sent it and if there was a problem. Being optimistic I figured I would get the magazine before I heard from them in "two business days". But Saturday and Monday did not bring the new edition to me. I did however receive an email yesterday afternoon and I quote..."The Summer 08 issue has a deadline of June 20th. If you do not receive it by then, please contact us again and we will be happy to resend that issue to you as soon as possible."

Now I admit I was slightly pissed. They started sending the magazines out on June 2. It is available on newstands by June 17 but I have to wait until the 20th before they will do anything. Also the "as soon as possible" phrase pissed me off, what happened to customer service "immediately". I realize I am one in a million but I want to live in the fantasy land that I matter as a customer. I have never complained so I don't expect to be treated like I am robbing them by asking for my magazine. They could have believed I didn't receive it and mailed me one out immediately. It would have cost them a couple of bucks but they would have had a happy customer. But they are the only spinning mag in town so....

As fate would have it I did receive something from Spin-Off in the mail today but it wasn't my magazine. To say the timing of this was a little off is an understatement! It was an Early Renewal here is the good part and plays right into my fantasy of being a customer whose business matters. It states "Want to know a secret?...this offer is just for our loyal subscribers." That makes my heart go pitter patter I am loyal to them but I have to wait. But it goes on to say how renewing now will save me money for more fiber! I feel so much better I am gonna let them know a little secret too. I am not renewing. Why would I pay for delivery when I get it later than I can get it in the store where I have the option of viewing it to see if it is even worth paying for? Am I being unreasonable and asking too much? Maybe... but I won't be waiting at the mailbox and I will be a happy ex-customer with even more money to spend on fiber.


cyndy said...

I've had problems with my subscription too, so I know how you feel. They once sent me 3 copies of the same issue! And you only get 4 issues a year!

finnsheep said...

I'm not renewing either. The content leaves much to be desired. It isn't the old Spin Off anymore.