Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.- Doug Larson
Spring started at 8:07 p.m. last night!!! And even the birds knew what was happening.... ...................during the storm and then......yesterday when they knew Spring was coming. Don't they look happier?
And the above saying is so true. Yesterday I shoveled out to the greenhouse and carried the potting soil out. I was going to start some seed but life interrupted. When I went out later in the day to get the mail everything was slush. But nobody cared. The snow cover must have been cut in half! And temps are suppose to be above freezing at night and in the high 50's for the next 7 days!
What do I decide to do when the weather warms? Being an oxymoron, I have been spinning again. Monday, I got into a zone and spun up about 120 yards of 2 ply alpaca and then I carded (made nubs) and spun it any way 70 yards of 2 ply angora. I started hand carding my finn and spinning that but I want to get the drumcarder out, and card up a bunch so I can just spin.
And someone else knew Spring was coming. Not that he hibernates but he knows the pickings are going to get so much better now. When I went out to do the morning chores I found these tracks.....they came out of the woods, went to the chickens, to the rabbits, headed back towards the chickens with a detour several times around the compost bins and then out toward the berry patch. About two years ago the trashman left the lid off a trash can and left it leaning against the fence after pickup. A opossom climbed in and his weight set the can upright and he couldn't get out. The man found him and carried the can to the berry patch and layed it on it's side and walked away so the opossom could exit. I hoping he/she remembers that good deed and behaves accordingly!
Now I am off to do the chores and then run errands. Hope everyone enjoys the first day of SPRING!!!!!!!

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cyndy said...

poor little oppossum! he is hungry too!

beautiful bird photos! I love the sparrow!

Happy vernal equinox to you!