Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Have A Seat

Cats can work out mathematically the exact place to sit that will cause most inconvenience.  ~Pam Brown

My mother had a favorite chair, a rocker recliner.  As kids we would always try to claim we were sitting there first and that she should find another place to sit.  Busting mom’s chops didn’t work as she would just take a tug on the little hairs on the back on our neck and we quickly removed yourselves from her chair. 

Now I have my own chair.  My chair is a glider positioned in a corner of the living room.  From here I can see the whole living room, the kitchen, dining room and down most of the hall way.  When ensconced there  I  have the light coming in from windows facing the east and south.  It also is conveniently situated close to the woodstove.  So needless of the season its position is perfect.  I have the benefit of light, the heat in the winter and the cool breezes the rest of the year. The upholstered seat and back are covered in an off white wool stole I crocheted and across the back in the winter is a shawl that Cyndi made on a tri-loom  many years ago.  The wooden arms are positioned perfectly for me. 

My friend Ruthie came over and sat in the chair.  While I was making us coffee she fell right to sleep!  I kept the kids outside and let her nap as she obviously needed it.   She won’t sit in it again because it is too cozy for her. If the man sits in my chair in the evening he immediately starts to snore.  To bug him I snore real loud to wake him up!  He moves to the sofa and lets me have my chair back.

My knitting/crocheting is nearby, as is my spinning wheel.  As soon as kids (mine, brothers or neighbors) enter they go sit in my chair and start investigating the yarn, the needles, the roving etc.  They would attempt spinning and have roving size yarn on the bobbin that I later have  to take off which led to a ban on touching the wheel. When I come in to sit down in my chair, they get up and will take a ball of yarn and go knit/crochet a couple of stitches in another room before leaving.  I go to pick up my project and there are stitches slipped off the needle or pulled out or I go to use a needle/crochet hook and it is gone and I have to hunt it down.  After numerous forewarnings this led to a ban on any kids sitting in my chair.  I told them make believe there is a neon stop sign planted right in front of it.

This works for everyone except #1 daughter while she is visiting and Bandit the cat.  #1 daughter not only appreciates my chairs cozy positioning, but she has to examine works in progress and give her opinion.  Bandit on the other hand is completely indifferent to rules.  During the winter months the cat and I have a battle.  She scratches at the door to come in, I open the door and she runs straight for my chair.  I walk into the living room pick her up and put her on the sofa and while I am getting back to my chair she runs across the sofa, the end table and jumps back into my chair.  She can be sleeping on the sofa and if I get up to take care of something I will return to find her all curled up in my seat.  It is cute…until it gets annoying.  When someone is home I have them hold her while I return to my chair.

So between the battle of wills with the cat and the chairs sleep inducing properties it is any wonder I get anything done…. But I do and I finally have proof!

So first, this is Elvira.  

 I saw this hat on Pinterest.  I had some problems with the way the smocking directions were written but then a light went on and all was well.  I took #2 daughter to the doctor and left the instructions at home so the work between the smocking rows is fewer but someone will wear it…as soon as the yarn comes in to finish it!

Second is Skipping Stones circular afghan.  

 I made one before for the man’s daughter in a solid color and liked it as it is an easy pattern.  I decided to do the “ripples” in a fall colored variegated yarn this time.  I can only do a row or so at a time on this right now.  I got a great deal on potatoes (100#) so I have been canning them.  All the peeling and cutting has my arm hurting and the crochet motion only aggravates it.  The potatoes will be done tomorrow and then I will be able to work on this.

A simple feather fan (old shale) cowl from homespun. 

I bought the roving at Rhinebeck, spun/plied it into dk weight. Needs soaking and blocking.  I have some more so I might make a pair of fingerless mitts to go with it.

Next is the Holden Shawlette.   

I had this on the Ravelry queue for a while and finally got to it.  I ran out of yarn, ordered more and finished it today without the picot edge since….I ran out of yarn again!  Needs soaking and blocking

Next a counterpane from Knitty Winter 2012.  

 I don’t know what I am going to do with it but needed something mindless at the time I started it.

And the shamrocks 

for #1 daughters St. Patrick’s Day suncatcher, which will go with these beads. 

And now I am going to go remove the cat from my chair (again) and watch a little tv.


Anonymous said...

No one told me about the imaginary neon stop sign and I would disregard it like that ugly cat, too. The shamrocks look nice. Can't wait until you come visit to bring them here... hopefully before St. Patrick's Day.

Linda said...

Your special chair sounds like mine, except mine is a recliner - 26 yr old LazyBoy, and I dread the day it has to be replaced. It sits a few feet from the woodstove behind me, a wall of windows next to me for that wonderful cool breeze in the summer and my knitting basket next to it, with a handy end table for drinks, patterns and knitting accessories.
BH has his own recliner next to mine....we can hold hands! When we have visitors and they sit in my chair, as soon as I enter the room they jump out of it, no words needed. It must be the look on my face! hehehe. Enjoy!

Judy said...

Linda, When I walk in and someone is sitting in my chair it is like I don't know what to do. I try to sit elsewhere but end up getting up and finding something to do as it doesn't seem right to be in that room and not be sitting in my chair!

cyndy said...

Sounds like the cat thinks you are sitting in her chair! ;-)

Look at all of your FO's!!!
Love the feather and fan in your handspun!

To prove I'm not a robot I have to "try ta" type the two words...wish me luck!

cyndy said...

yay! it worked!