Thursday, February 21, 2013

Confirm or Deny

“Trust, but verify”~ Ronald Reagan

The calendar shows the month of February coming swiftly to a close.  I know that March follows February the same as I know Spring follows Winter and I trust that this will happen this year.  However, when the daily high temperatures are in the 20’s, your hauling in another load of wood, the animals water is frozen, the driveway is ice, the wind just keeps on whipping and the cold has worn you to a nub… well you sometimes need verification.  Call it a small token to help you through until March/Spring get here ….and I got that today!

I was grabbing another armload of wood when I happened to spy this….

 snowdrops!  I had to grab the camera and take a picture.  

My spirits lifted and all of a sudden impervious to the wind and cold I went to check out the chives...

Little wisps of green chives come up through last year’s garden debris (Bad gardener!)    

But then I thought they are growing by the green house….I need further verification.  

 So I went over to the rhubarb….

 little, okay almost minuscule ,dots of red rhubarb tips blasting through the frozen tundra.  But like the other plants it gets sun all day…I need further verification.  

I walk over to the flower garden that is not in full sun or close to buildings and find….

daffodils (ignore the ground ivy...bad gardener)

So I came in side warmed by the assurance that March will follow February, Spring will follow Winter, we will all thaw out and all I need to do is be patient….or move south.

And look what else my camera caught today....

a black squirrel.  I have never seen him at the feeder before but there were 6 grey squirrels and then this guy showed up.

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Anonymous said...

April follows March and your a granny again. Thought that squirrel was your ugly cat at first.