Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hooked for life

"I've learned that when your newly born grandchild holds your little finger in his fist, that you're hooked for life." ~ Andy Rooney

I spent the week with my grandson and if I thought I was hooked before , I have now swallowed the hook, line and sinker.

#1 and Sir T went away for their one year anniversary and I got the honor of babysitting. When they returned #1 fell right into a new job and instead of Baby O going to the babysitter for a day or two I continued to watch him. Yesterday was his first day at the sitters and I wish they lived closer so he could come here.

What a difference from only seeing him once a month from late Friday evening until Sunday morning to seeing him for a week in his own home. When they come for the weekend they have the long drive, his schedule is messed up, family, friends and dogs wanting to play with him ...its enough to make a baby cranky. When home at age five months he is rolling all over and just starting to realize he can crawl. And baby giggles are always infectious! Not that the precious little angel was all giggles…nope. He already possesses quite the temper when he is over tired. Hopefully he gets a rein on it before the terrible twos!

Although I could play with him or just hold him and watch him sleep I did lay him down occasionally and knit him things. For some reason I am on a hat kick and he does have a beautiful shaped head for hats. On outings he is donned in his pumpkin hat as the month dictates. Next month he will be wearing the turkey hat I pictured previously.

While there I knit him a Rudolph hat,

a snowman hat,

a Santa hat with ear flaps

It is un-decorated because #1 wants to see if we can get a small battery powered strand of lights to push through the knitting and add a pouch to hold the batteries on the inside of the hat. I have to see how much they weigh....not that he would be wearing it for long. #1 told me I have started a precedence and that I will have to make new hats for the next children if these don't fit. She said if I don't Baby O will be telling them "Grandma loves me best. First grandbaby #1 grandbaby"! She is truly horrible to me! And it gets worse!

After a week, they threw my things in their car and drove me home. Oh wait they did stop at Micky D's for some food where we got to see a rainbow

which was nice because after that it was nothing but tail lights.

Although glad to be home I do miss them. So much so that yesterday when I went to the farmers market I saw concord grapes, which I bought and came home to can grape juice for Baby O. Now I have to go pull pumpkins from the oven so I can freeze it for later use. Maybe if I catch up on all the chores I can go visit again.


Anonymous said...

Obviously you had a marvelous time baby sitting, and I hope Mommy and Daddy had a great time too, while they were away. I love your hats, but I have to agree. The tradition will have to be carried on, or it will be called favoritism. But no need to fear, the hats will most likely fit all who come behind. After all, knitting does stretch some, should any of them be a little older when they get to wear them. :)

Linda said...

Judy your hats are soooo cute!! What a lucky little boy! So glad you had quality time with your grandson. They grow up so fast! Our youngest grandchildren are now 14 yrs old. Wishing you many more enjoyable days babysitting.