Sunday, October 30, 2011

The first snow

Lo. sifted through the winds that blow, Down comes the soft and silent snow, ~George W. Bungay

Yesterday, it looked odd to see the bright yellow of the leaves in the drab grey and white world of the snow storm.

Even though the lights went off several times they always came back on. I woke this morning to see some residual damage…

a tree I had wanted down anyhow succumbed to the weight of the snow. If only the tree had gone through the shed as I want that taken down also. The tree is now cut up and stacked for later use…guess I would be pushing my luck asking for the shed to be taken down today too!

I went out about 6 am and measured. Down in the valley we are somewhat protected from the worst but we still got a fair amount.

Slowly daylight comes. It starts with a slight lightening of the sky above the ridge.
Then the sunlight touches just the tips of the trees on the top of the mountain.

On zoom they look like they are on fire.

Eventually the sun gets high enough in the sky to shine over the mountain on the other side of the river. The sunlight works it way down the hillside until it finally shines on the house. It happens every day yet I never tire of it and with the snow it was spectacular.

The kids did some small snowmen, had snowball fights and went riding down the mountain on a tube with friends and nephews. We had our taste of winter and enjoyed it but we are not sad that the snow is melting pretty fast. We can wait for more until later in the year!


cyndy said...

Oh that sky this morning was one of the prettiest sights!

Glad the tree didn't hurt anyone cept the shed!

...and fun to let the melt take this one...didn't even reach for the shovel!

Anonymous said...

Spectacular is the word for it, I agree! That view is utterly amazing! I am so jealous, even though I have a few really good views myself. None so beautiful as yours though. :)

Linda said...

Beautiful pictures! Nice that you got just a little taste of winter and now it's melting. Too early for this to stay around and accumulate! Like here in can bet when the ground turns white, it'll stay that way til April!! Have a great week!