Saturday, April 02, 2011

Momma always said "Patience is a virtue"

"Patience is waiting.  Not passively waiting.  That is laziness.  But to keep going when the going is hard and slow - that is patience."

I have been waiting....waiting to become a grandmother and for warmer weather.  Annoyingly enough I have control over neither of these so I pass the time preparing for them.

In babyville, #1 has reached the 35 week mark.  We had her baby shower last weekend so she didn't have to travel during the last month.

I did finish the baby afghan, some bibs, a hat and a stuffed toy.  The baby afghan I found in a magazine shortly after my mother died. I fell in love with it because the afghan was done in yellow (my mom's fav color) and the name was Angel Wings.  I promised myself that I would make it for my grandchild and think of my mom.  She would have loved to have been a great grandma.  Happily I did not have to wait long...even if these past couple of months have been dragging!  Can you see the angels?

When I was unable to concentrate on the afghan I decided to knit an umbilical cord hat in blue.  Years ago my mom had made #1 a whole purple layette to put away for this occasion but what if it was a boy?  So I got to the decrease part and #1 calls and says she saw a hat on Ravelry...the Munchkin hat.  I drug the decreases out, went back and picked up stitches to change from a rolled brim to a k2p2 and ended up with....

After receiving it she decided she wanted a girly version so we went thru stash and found some she was satisfied with and  I whipped out this one before she left....

Earlier in the week the weather forecast was calling for 8-14 inches of snow.  It would have been Mother Nature's April Fools joke, but we only got a sloppy 2-3 inches!  It melted away and today it is back to work out to the yard and garden.  I know what I am planting and approximately where in the garden I am going to plant it.  I am late getting some seeds started but last year I started early only to run out of room as they got moved into bigger planters.  My greenhouse is only 8x10 and the daily rotation of taking flat after flat outside so I had room to work and bringing them in was troublesome.  Each year we work to  fine tune this but each year we grow different plants with different requirements.  Of course if I had a bigger greenhouse....(was that a blatant hint to the man or what?)

So I continue to knit and plan because soon my waiting will be over.  So it must be true, good things come to those who wait!


Sandie Knapp said...

The little hats are adorable, the blanket is absolutely gorgeous, and yes, I do see the angels. :)

cyndy said...

Beautiful, beautiful locked in each stitch I see. An heirloom afghan.

Fabulous hats...just adorable!

I need a new greenhouse this year also..first need to take the old one down. sigh.