Saturday, August 28, 2010

Winter Will Ask...

The time will come when winter will ask you what you were doing all summer. ~Henry Clay
And I can tell winter I was canning, canning, canning and more canning.  I was keeping track of how much I harvested from the garden until I started taking the wheelbarrel in to harvest.  The tomatoes continue to "go forth and multiply" in spectacular amounts. 

My alarm goes off at 5 and I just want to pull the covers over my head and ignore it.  But I blindly reach out and turn it off.  I wake up #2 son and have a cup of coffee while packing lunches.  I leave the man's sitting on the table, yell at son to move it and head on out.  Drive 20 miles to drop him off, drive 20 miles home and do chores, start harvesting/canning, leave at 2:30-2:45 to pick up son, dirve 20 miles, turn around drive 20 back home, can some more, make dinner (or a phone call) can some more, clean up, take shower, drop in bed. 

#1 daughter calls and all I keep saying is "I can't hold the phone and fill jars so I will talk to you later".  I did get a day off of sorts.  #2 son got hurt on Tuesday.  The trainer iced him up and said to see how it felt the next morning...8:15 I got the doctor on the phone and had a 9 AM appointment....4 PM we finally pulled back in the driveway.  Xrays and CT scans behind us, he wears a neck brace and no practice for two weeks.  He goes back Monday for a recheck.  Dreams of staying in bed until at least 6 flashed through my mind but NO he still has to be at the school at 6 AM.  Oh well so much for that idea.

I really don't mind the morning rides.  I actually prefer them as I generally see more wildlife than cars.  Once, I stopped to let a duck and her ducklings cross the road, another day it was geese.  The turkeys, deer and porcupine are frequent sightings.   The afternoon drive is cars and lots (by my estimation) of people.

Yesterday I canned some dill pickles using a friends recipe and then I am took the day off.  #2 daughter and I went shopping with friends.  I picked up some vodka while I was out.  When I came home I made a batch of peach schnapps.  Like the Baldwin sister's say "for medicinal purposes".

Today I made another batch of dill pickles using a packaged product.  Then using the second jar of vodka I made some kahlua.  Now I get the rest of the day off as we go to the man's family reunion.  I will probably fall asleep and they will find me snoring away with a plate on my lap.  I will be embarrassed but at least they will have something to talk about at the next one.

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cyndy said... and your garden are VERY productive!!

Glad to hear the football player is ok, hope he is feeling fine by now!

(and don't be surprised if i show up at your door in the middle of a snow storm ...begging for some peach schnapps..."for medicinal purposes"