Monday, August 16, 2010

A little catch up or ketchup

"A world without tomatoes is like a string quartet without violins."~ Laurie Colwin, 'Home Cooking'

Several years ago we had so many tomatoes that I pulled the plants because I couldn't handle any more. I piled the tomatoes all over the picnic table and then in boxes, called a friend to come get them.  As if to smite me for my disdain, that year was followed by years with below average tomato production...last year being the worst.

I must have done enough penitence for this year is a great tomato year despite the drought.  I will not make the same mistake and willy nilly get sick of them and pawn them off like zucchini ever again.  Thankfully my canning repertoire has grown extensively since then. 

I go into the garden and I am amazed at the amount of tomatoes still on the vines....some plants are still blooming.  I have picked over 150 pounds of tomatoes since August 5th.  Some have become salsa, BBQ sauce, roasted garlic pasta sauce, tomato soup and just plain old crushed tomatoes.  Today I will be trying for V8 and spaghetti sauce and if all goes well I would like to try ketchup before the tomatoes are done.

Yesterday while picking we found several of these...

the horned tomato worm.  I have only seen them in my garden once or twice before.  Then I only saw one....I picked four of them off this time!  Look at all the parasitic eggs of the Braconid Wasp.

And I am finally taking pictures so I remember what I knit.  Maybe I will even bring Ravelry up to date someday...
Two pair of Easy Holiday Mittens done in purple and white which are the school colors.  I had to have something to keep my hands warm while watching #2 son play football.  Of course #2 daughter gave the old guilt trip "I guess I will just sit and freeze" so I had to make her a pair.

Then there is the Dandy Neckerchief which still needs to be blocked. Picture does not do it any justice so I will have to take another after blocking and with better light.

Then there is the 3 Hour Cowl so easy I will probably make more and make them longer (top to bottom).
This is the last thing I finished, Little Shells a shawlette.  I did the bind off yesterday morning.  Still needs to be blocked.  On the second to last row I added beads and if I do it again I will probably add a bead at each sk2p.
Although I have no pictures, I also knit a feather and fan cowl and did a 1 foot tri-loom to which I added a crocheted edging.

And in between the canning and knitting I have painted the bathroom,  done this with #1 daughter (not the one picked)....
and gone to nephews football game
taken the kids to the county fair and hauled son to and from football practice.  Today we (yes we I have to get him up, pack his lunch, make sure he has everything and drive to and fro) two a day practices, 6 AM to 3 PM everyday.  Other than the fact I will miss them I can't wait for the kids to go back to school so I can rest! I am exhausted.


Louise said...

Just keep movin' along - we have a craft fair to do.

Loved the pics. How did you make it through the dressing room scene and manage to get a picture as well????

Sandie Knapp said...

I'm not at all surprised you have been very busy with the garden. It was a great year for growing things in 2010. I am surprised that you have managed to get so much knitting/spinning done. I wonder how you keep up with it all. :) Everything is lovely, both canned and knitted. :)