Sunday, July 21, 2013

Small hours

Our lives are made in these small hours
These little wonders, these twists and turns of fate
Time falls away but these small hours
These small hours still remain ~ Rob Thomas

And before you know it these small hours add up and a month has gone by!  Yikes! So what remains of a month of small hours….

…Visits with my grandson’s, with more to come on the weekend of the 26th.

...A visit from our forest neighbor

…A new engine in my car thankfully, fully covered by the warranty.

…days of unusually high temperatures.  I was forced to install the air conditioners.  Last year I didn’t because I feel shut in all winter and I love to have the shades up and windows open so I can see &  hear nature, but I couldn’t stand the humidity.  I thought I was living in DC again, oh horrors.  Today is a glorious 75 degrees at noon time with low humidity, what much needed relief

…the brightly dyed roving was spun but then wasn’t matching up when plied so I plied it with some white singles.  Made a pair of fingerless mitts, might make a hat to match.

…small knitting projects and may I add useful.  I have been knitting scubbies with cotton and tulle along with some new dish clothes.

…the garden has thrived in the heat, (and with a little added water from the hose).  The green beans are reaching for the sky 

and starting to produce. (Thank You Cyndy for telling me to check the lower sections) 

…tiny heads of broccoli starting better late than never

…gladiolas blooming and I nearly missed them

 …fireworks at our town’s field day

  …perfect physical for the man while I was diagnosed with Lyme disease.  Since meds keep me from going out in the sun I am so thankful that 90% of the garden was mulched so the weeds won’t over take the vege’s.

…friend that goes to auctions picked up some produce.  I canned and dehydrated blueberries, canned mango peach lemonade concentrate, strawberry lemonade concentrate, organic raspberry jam and strawberry syrup.  I also froze 8 quarts of cauliflower and 7 of green pepper slices. My berries should be ready soon for blackberry lemonade concentrate, pie filling and maybe some cordial.

…#2 son and daughter have summer jobs which means I am minus a vehicle most of the time.  #2 son bought a vehicle now we just need to get it on the road
…total of three baby chicks hatched this year and we  bought four turkey pullets

…barn field mowed, raked and stored away for chicken bedding.

…a little swimming and fishing.  The heavy rains prior to the heat wave caused flooding .  Once the waters receded the temperatures were too high for any good fishing.

 ...beautiful sunsets

 ...and hopefully a months worth of small hours before I get back here.


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Sandie Lynne said...

Wow, some great photos. Hope all is well with you.