Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hope Springs Eternal or Eternal Hope for Spring

A man is who a master of patience is master of everything else. ~ George Savile 

So yesterday was the first day of Spring.  Did you notice it? Are you waiting patiently for it's arrival?   We had some melting of the 5 inches of snow we received Monday and Tuesday.  

 My duck is still laying eggs as if to mock me.  I witnessed the appearance of the first robin on March 10th.  I have hung out bits of roving and pieces of yarn so they might now furbish their nests with wool or knit themselves some leg warmers.  The man and I spent the weekend getting firewood to set aside for next year but I am beginning to wonder if we will be using it sooner than we thought!  After a year of above normal temperatures March has us hanging around 10-15 degrees below the norm. 

While no seed has been planted yet I have begun cleaning up the greenhouse, raking the garden and cutting the raspberry bushes.  I was going to burn some garden debris but while the snow may inhibit the spread of a fire it is now inhibiting the starting of the fire with this new accumulation.  More is expected next week too.

My time spent inside has not been wasted.  I have filing paperwork, reorganizing the canning shelves in the basement so when the garden does produce its bounty I will be able to get right to it.  It has also given me an idea of what I need to plant more or less of. 

We have also been tossing the idea back and forth weather we should raise our own pigs this year or not.  Financially the meat can be purchased cheaper but I know what is in the ones I raise and I know they are raised humanely.  Then “because of sequestration” we may or may not be losing our meat inspectors, which means higher prices or subpar meat.  Then there the SHTF scenario, if they are unable to get the meat to the stores we would have it on the hoof. A friend has all the equipment and has agreed to help butcher them instead of sending them out which would cut down on some cost….so it continues to go back and forth.

I have been looking at the fiber that needs to be sheared and sent out along with some more residing in the basement.  I have been spinning again

I should stick to it as the stash just keeps increasing.  I get so into knitting that I push the wheel aside and it sits and probably waits as patiently for me as I do for Spring.  One reason for the lack of spinning is I have been using acrylic for Baby O.  Now I need wool.  I have been thinking of dyeing some roving but have to find the dyes as it has been so long!  I have been knitting another baby afghan, a mindless checkerboard design.  

 The Skipping Stones afghan is on hold while I try to find more yarn.  I have been feeling the urge to knit socks so maybe when the checkerboard afghan is done #2 daughter might get her long promised pair.

I have to start packing up projects to take with me as I am going to be gone for a week to babysit Baby O while his sister or brother makes an appearance.  The C-section is planned for April 5th so I have to get everything written down that needs to be done here while I am gone.  Part of me is cringing to think what this house is going to turn into but the other part is thinking it might be a good learning experience for the #2’s who have had the luxury of having me home to follow behind them cleaning up and do their bidding  their entire lives.  Not that they would ever take advantage of that!!!!!!! Not those precious little angels.  As the #1’s would say it is time to cut some of the apron strings in anticipation of kicking them out of the nest!

So fifteen days until grandchild # 2.  Then it is #1 son's wedding, #2 daughters graduation...maybe I shouldn't be in such a rush for things to speed up as there is a ton of things yet to do!


Sandie Knapp said...

I think everyone is pulling their hair out, because Spring is taking her good time getting here. Then in July everyone will be complaining about the heat. We are never totally satisfied I fear. :)

It does sound as though you will have a very busy Spring, regardless of the weather. So maybe it's a good time to just relax while you can. :)

I'm as guilty as you in neglecting my spinning because my needles are so busy clicking. I didn't purchase any roving last year at all, and now it looks as if I won't be purchasing any this year either, unless I too get very busy on my wheel. :) It's bad enough having such a stash of yarn. But now there is a stash in roving too.

Have a great weekend! :)

Jessica said...

I told Jen you would be happy to donate some of your roving to her since you hoard it, btw... She needs some to make something and said that she would buy it off you, but I told her I would tell you that you can give her some. You're welcome. Also, she would still like to teach you to make soap.