Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wet Spring?

Fog in January brings a wet spring.~ Weather folklore

Two  weeks into January and we have had several days of fog making traveling interesting! 

 Some days the sun has a hard time cutting through  it until close to noon.  

 If we don’t have fog we have hoarfrost, putting a confectionary sugar coating on everything.   

Each holds it's own beauty. Will it bring a wet spring, only time will tell.

I have been keeping myself busy.  #1 daughter had pinned a pattern for a “bapron”… ½ bib ½ apron.  Using some material and bias tape that I had on hand I made one up to see how easy it was.  

 The bias tape was too wide for my liking so I did another….

but forgot to change the white thread to brown.  Sewing is not my forte but I got four done.

I crocheted this hat 

from some old handspun.  I made another in brown  homespun too because it is so easy and cute.

I finished #2 grandchild’s afghan.   

This is a picture before I got the boarder on.  Only 79 more days till his/her arrival!  I crocheted some tiny flowers 

to see how I liked them.  If grandchild is a girl I would like to make a handkerchief into a bonnet with crochet edge and maybe the flowers.  They use it as a bonnet while a baby and then it is put away and when the time comes, some threads are snipped and it is to be carried as a handkerchief or wrap around their bouquet on their wedding day. I originally wanted to tat but I haven’t been back for more lessons.

I even spun up 8 oz of wool that

I got at Rhinebeck and plied it while watching the sheep to shawl  (and repeat broadcasting because someone’s jammer jaw kids came home during the original broadcast!) 

I even found time to mess around making a suncatcher of sorts  I had made #1 daughter one with snowflakes for Xmas 2011 and she decided she wants seasonal ones now.  The three little rectangles hanging down say live, love, laugh.  Hopes she likes it as I have moved on to shamrocks now!

I was walking the pasture on Sunday and found these… 

 coyote tracks.  There are three coyotes that we know of on the mountain  and I was hoping they would stay back there and not come looking for a free meal.  The fox was also yipping away the other night behind the house. 

Another thing I discovered was this… 

an eagles nest.  I knew there was one on the mountain but didn’t realize I could see it from the pasture. 

So between the endless cooking, cleaning, laundry and a detour for jury duty (they settled out of court before trial) I have been keeping busy.

Now to find time to go through the seeds and see what I need. 

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Anonymous said...

My goodness, but you've been busy. The suncatcher is adorable, and I love those little Bapron's you made. Both of them.

How nice having an eagles nest so close, but living near the Delaware, I guess it makes sense. :)