Sunday, October 21, 2012

Festive Wool!

“Share our similarities, celebrate our differences.” 
 ~ M. Scott Peck

I attended the NY Sheep and Wool Festival at Rhinebeck, NY on Saturday.  We got an early start as it is a two hour ride.  The days temps started in the 50’s so it was beautiful.  

Fog accompanied us most of the ride

 and later could be seen just sitting in the valleys. 

A little toll booth,

 a little Hudson River, 

getting closer, and then pay dirt.

We arrived to find the parking lot filling up but nothing like what it will turn into.  

We had purchased our tickets early so we didn’t have to stand in line.  An hour after opening walk ways were filling but the buildings were becoming gridlock!

I didn’t have much time as I had told a friend I would watch her kids for several days while she attended a wedding and got a little time away with her man.  I did however get to meander through most of the buildings.

The first festival I attended was the MD Sheep and Wool and what a shock.  I bought and bought and bought trying to bring as many different types of wool home to try to spin.  This time I only purchased 2- 8 oz packages of roving.  The man felt my forehead as he assumed I was sick!  We spent more on food than on wool! 

MD Sheep and Wool happens in May when everything is starting to bloom and after a long cold winter it is so refreshing.  We drive south and trees are green already and it is warmer than where we left from.  NY on the other hand has dealt me some freezing temps or rain but yesterday it was 70!   Inside the buildings it was getting darn right hot.  All the wool hats and fingerless mitts came off, the wool scarves came off, some took off jackets but left their wool shawls on and for those who showed off their beautiful work on a sweater dress I sweat for you.

While there are a lot of knitters/crocheters/weavers/ rugmakers/spinners out there who worship all things wool it is nice to just go see the different styles.  Cobweb lace spun so incredibly fine and knit into such intricate designs, someone’s first socks, wool spun on wheels that each bobbin holds two pounds and knit on needles larger than broomsticks into rugs that I would never let anyone sit on yet a lone walk on.  Wool needle felted into animals that from a distance you would be hard pressed to identify real from wool.  

It is a heady feeling being surrounded by so many fellow wool lovers and talented people.  It is inspiring.  We left with just enough time to get back to pick up the kids. Next year we will have to stay longer...or both days!

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Sandie Knapp said...

Glad you got to attend, and that the weather cooperated, for a change. I've never been to Maryland, and to Rhinebeck once. That was enough for me. I am claustrophobic in crowds that dense. I'll stick with our tiny festival in Harford. LOL But I'm happy you had such a good time. :)