Monday, May 21, 2012

A little land & sea

“ In the Spring a livelier iris changes on the burnish’d dove; In the Spring a  young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love” ~ Lord Alfred Tennyson

It is 55 degree’s and showery.   Knowing that it is going to be the norm for the next couple of days I spent a few minutes yesterday taking pictures of the iris that were blooming.  

Pale yellow ones that my grandmother planted  40+ years ago 

Huge ones from my mom

and some my friend gave me that her mom had planted years ago.

And to my surprise I am finally going to be rewarded for my patience by blooming wisteria.  

Several  year’s ago I realized that what I thought were grape vines climbing through the trees on my grandmothers neglected property was wisteria!  I transplanted a small vine in my yard and waited…and waited …and waited but now I just have to wait for the flower to open.

The man, #1 son, #2 son and Sir T went out on a charter boat this weekend.  The man didn’t catch a thing but #1 son caught one bluefish and #2 son caught four and got bit!  Sir T never even baited a hook as he spent eight hours bowing to the stainless steel head after succumbing to the urge to purge seasickness.  And I am sure while in the midst of it he had to be thinking….”I paid for this for this agony?!”   If anyone would have thought beforehand they would have had some Dramamine but even the captain of the ship doesn’t keep it on hand.  They intend to go back out another time, maybe a shorter trip to see how Sir T does while on the meds.  They are also thinking of doing a salmon fishing charter.

While they took the weekend off #2 daughter babysat both days and I mowed several acres, repotted about 40 tomato plants, sorted through some fleece that was given to me and roto-tilled a friend’s garden.  Saturday evening #2 daughter and I picked up our Chinese dinner, came home to catch up on a show we have been missing and enjoyed a man-free house. 

After  running around all weekend  I am enjoying the more mundane moments spent cleaning and doing laundry today.  I gleaned some rhubarb from my friend and made rhubarb lemonade concentrate.  I had pinned this recipe a while ago and was waiting for the rhubarb.  I mixed a glass from some that wouldn’t fit in a jar and I will be making more of this....after I try canning the rhubarb pie filling that I pinned.

And I have been knitting...nothing big just garter stitch  but it feels good to have the needles back in my hands, so I am heading toward my chair now.

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Sandie Knapp said...

The Iris are gorgeous. I have a few, but they are very plain purple. Nothing fancy.

Congratulations with the Wisteria too. My Grandmother had a Wisteria Vine, and it covered one entire wall of the house, and had gorgeous blooms every year. I hope yours thrives and gives you many lovely blossoms too.