Friday, February 24, 2012

Expect the Unexpected

It will happen when you least expect it.

Or you will find it when you are not looking for it.   Either way, I was out walking the dog the other day and saw….

I guess because it has not been a bad winter and therefore I am not craving any little sign of Spring that I was not even looking.   I moved further down the bed and the bleeding heart is starting to grow also.

Monday,  while the kids had the day off, #2 daughter and I worked in the garden raking up the last little bit that didn’t get done last year.  We also cut down all of last year’s flower stalks, tansy, asters and chocolate mint.  We did find some semblance of life from the chocolate mint growing along the boards laid down for a pathway into the greenhouse, but you can’t kill mint.  Outside the garden we cut down monarda and apple mint, both of which also showed signs of some growth. 

I moved some straw aside and found the rhubarb starting.  I tucked it back in until it is ready to come out on its own.   Thoughts of fresh produce fill my head and I start planning where things will be located this year.  Then....

This morning I awoke to 3-4 inches of snow and no school for the kids.  The weather man had been reporting rain with a possible ½ inch of some slushy stuff in the higher elevations.  Oh well it is the first snow day they used and it is the end of February.  And I can always find things for them to do around here!!

On the home front I have neither been spinning or knitting or crocheting much.  I am slowly finishing off the ripple afghan.  And it will have to wait a while longer because I think a snowball fight is in order for today.


Linda said...

Judy, I had visions of Spring with the opening of your blog! We've had a very mild winter, but no signs of blooming flowers of garden vegetation yet. Then I see that winter visited you with a fury. We'll be getting the same this weekend - 5 to 8" of snow, high winds and then a bigger storm coming in Tuesday thru Wednesday! Egads! Keep thinking "Spring"! Have a great weekend!

Sandie Knapp said...

I keep hearing where flowers are blossoming, but I have none showing here, yet!

We had 5" of new snow this morning, and I too was caught off guard. Never expected that, but it was overdue, so I'm not complaining.