Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mr. Bluebird

Mr Bluebird's on my shoulder 
It's the truth, it's actual 
Everything is satisfactual 

Wonderful feeling 
Wonderful day 

Yes sir 
My oh my what a wonderful day 
Oh plenty of sunshine in my way 
Zip-a-dee-eh  ~ Disney

On the walk back from the barn what did I spy…yup! A bluebird.   And how can you look at a bluebird and not be happy?

It is a horrible picture but my camera batteries did not like the cold so I was only able to get one shot of him/her before they died.  But they served me well prior to that as I got some shots of the animals which have not made an appearance on here in some time…

Bozo says “ I hope you remembered the apples”  Sure did!

Tomorrow will find me glued to the tv as the PA Farm Shows Sheep to Shawl is televised.  Yearly enjoyment to which I had hoped to go but the truck decided the monies should be spent on it.  As much as I hate the truck it really hasn’t cost much in up keep so I can’t complain because it needs new tires to pass inspection.  There is always next year.


Anonymous said...

I am nearly in shock, to see a bluebird this early! I've seen them as late as late November, but never during the Winter months. How lucky for you to have them visiting so soon.

The chickens, ducks and sheep bring back such wonderful memories. I miss our livestock, but I also miss being that young and having the strength and energy needed to care for them, which has left me now. LOL

Is that bottom sheep a Tunis? At one time I had a flock of 40 registered Tunis sheep. Loved their red faces, and adorable auburn lambs. The wool is rather nice too. :)

cyndy said...

Gorgeous critters ;-)

Missed you at the complex. Thank goodness for the TV coverage...you really do get the best seat in the house!