Sunday, December 04, 2011


Gambling: The sure way of getting nothing from something.

We left early to arrive at the VFW. Surprisingly the place was already filling up. The table behind the caller was stacked with prizes and lots of certificates from local businesses.

By the time the games started every chair was full. The numbers were picked, Bingo was called, the prizes were distributed but for the first time in the history of my going I came home empty handed.

Took a friend with us for her first time and she won a sleeping bag and a really neat flashlight and the 50/50 drawing. She was ecstatic and said she is going with us next year!

She is another convert that didn’t really like bingo but found that this is not your regular bingo. It may be played the same but the cast of characters, both the players who don’t take it serious and like to rib other players to the members of the VFW who only do this once a year and make a ton of mistakes, make it worth it.

It was a great night. We laughed until it hurt and donated money to a really good cause so we were all winners and did get something out of it. Can’t wait for next year!


Linda said...

So glad you had a wonderful time at bingo. I think you didn't come home not winning introduced a friend to a charity event that gave her a great evening out and a lot of happiness. And you supported that charity by taking part. You gave a bit of Christmas to someone less fortunate. I'd say you came home a big winner!! Have a great week, Judy!

cyndy said...

Well, I guess we can deduce, that birdpoop on ones shoulder is an indication that you will soon be parted from your $$!

LOL...but it's all good! Sounds like a ton of fun,and everyone benefits!