Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.  ~Sam Keen

The weather has been back and forth, hot with high humidity to a day where we didn't get out of the 70’s.  Rain has been sufficient and the garden is beginning to produce.  I think millipedes are eating and leaving brown “scars” on my cucumbers making them unable to be used for pickles.  Unfortunately the green beans are going to come in at the same time as the tomatoes.  We use a  lot of tomato products so tomatoes will always come first.   I went to the farmers market and bought hot peppers, cucumbers, green peppers, green beans, and tomatoes.   I canned the green beans and now if I don’t get time to do my green beans we will have dried beans from them.  I got 18 pints of B&B pickles,  25 pints of green beans, 17 pints and 9- ½ pints of tomato soup, 4 pints and 16- 1/2 pints of Cowboy Candy, froze green peppers, had a stuffed pepper dinner and I still have a box of tomatoes to do today.

The rest of the garden is doing pretty good, even if it seems a 
little behind last years.

My blackberries had pollination problems so no jelly/pie filling from them this year.  But the abundance of elderberry, pears and apples will make up for their loss.

Time has been spent running for the kids, pickup/drop off their friends or to pick up/drop them off at work.  #2 son is working at a canoe/raft livery and #2 daughter has been doing a lot of babysitting.   I dog sat a friends pooch, driving to and from 3x a day, while she spent a week in Cape May.  Next year someone else gets to do the honors while I head off with her.  When not working/gardening/mowing/cleaning etc we are fishing and swimming.  Knitting and spinning are almost non existent right now as I have been reading a lot more.  All and all a pretty good summer so far.

Today my favorite niece is coming to visit for several days and the county fair starts on Friday so we will be busy.  And life gets even better because next weekend #1, Sir T and Baby O are coming for a visit. 


cyndy said...

Wow! Wonderful to see how much you are getting accomplished! Your garden produce is gorgeous (but I am not surprised).

Nice that you are also taking time to relax and read, glad to hear that life is treating you right ;-)

Sandie Knapp said...

My cucumbers, zucchini and romaine lettuce are doing great. Not so well the tomatoes and corn. Most definitely coming in later than usual. Normally I am picking tomatoes by now, but not this year. I think I need some fertilizer on the garden and didn't get it done this year. Good job on the canning. You will be enjoying those treats long after Summer is past. :)