Tuesday, November 02, 2010

My Big Fish In A Small Pond

A "big fish in a small pond" is an idiom.  It can also be said "better a big fish in a little puddle than a little fish in a big puddle" 

It means a person who lives in a place where there is little competition. Some add that the big fish is content with their role as an important person in a small group and that they don't have the ambition to fight all the little fish in a big puddle to reach that same role or to have a position of less power or importance. 

I would guess that describes me.  I don't have the gumption to scratch and fight to get a title or money that will buy me something I won't have the time to enjoy because I have to keep fighting the other little fish.  I am content where I am in my life. 

But my flowers are fighters. Or since we are a society that likes to pigeon hole and label things, maybe they are seasonally maladjusted.  I went into my spinning room and the Christmas cactus was blooming.  All the others are in advanced stages of budding.

When I was walking to my car to run errands I walked past the forsythia.  Killing frosts and then a week of unseasonably warm temps must have sent it reeling!

I love to see the hedge of forsythia in bloom in the spring and I love Christmas but I must say I have enjoyed these blossums more as they were not lost in the shuffle, they were the big fish in a small pond.


Anonymous said...

That yellow flower is my Gram saying "herro." <3

cyndy said...


(Anon is right)

ps..what else is going on in your spinning room?